Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The facts of me…


I hate sleeping. I will fight it until my body crashes & I fall asleep in the middle of something.

That’s me sleeping sitting up kind of after staying up at my friend’s apartment until 8 and out of no where I just fell asleep.

I make my dude tickle my back until I fall asleep… if he stops, I fake cry.

I’m paranoid that someone is hiding in my shower, in the back of my trunk, in my closet & in my basement.

I like to eat my food when it’s really, really hot.. I always burn the roof of my mouth.

I rarely listen to a song all the way through. If I really love a song I’ll listen to it 50 times on repeat.

I go to the bank at least once a week.. I hate cash.

My bed is heaven but, every few weeks I sleep on the couch for multiple nights in a row to watch our 70 inch t.v.

I suck at texting. I’ll read a text and then decide to respond later… but, I never do.

98% of the time I sleep with my make-up on. It’s hard enough to remember to take my contacts out.

People always tell me I look like certain people. I used to get Ashley from Bad Girls Club, Kate from Lizzy McGuire and now I get Audrina, Kelly from Saved by the Bell and a few others….

I love craft beer. Spending $30 on a 4-pack isn’t crazy. Fabulous beer + high alcohol content = more than worth it.

I have to set 15 alarms on my phone plus my iHome alarm.. and I still manage to turn them off in my sleep.

I’m an online child..ish. I’ve been overly spoiled (but, raised right) my entire life. But, I want at least 3 kids.

Speaking of kids, I have names picked out. The names are associated with Luke so I’m marrying him no matter what.

Chicken noodle soup puts me to sleep. It eat it before bed, often.

I have a caffeine addiction. I’m not even allowed to consume it because of health issues it caused. But, I do.

I’m terrified of snakes. Don’t show me a picture, don’t tell me a story.. I freak out. Bad.

Lucas used to have a tarantula. His name was Blaze (Luke’s middle name) and I didn’t mind him. Apparently you’re either really scared of snakes or spiders and not both. That was the case for me.

I love writing. LOVE it. My notes look like they’re typed.

My blue eyes are real. I wear contacts but, they’re not colored. I’m asked this daily.

I have 1 tattoo that says, “Trust Your Struggle”… I want so many more.

I’ve had stitches done without being numb. Thank you ER doctor for waiting over an hour after that numbing shot. If you think the numbing shot hurts, you are so wrong. I thought I was going to chew my arm off. But, that fabulous Dr. Evil told me, “You’re just feeling pressure.” Yeah, well I would of rather gave birth to a 12 pound baby.

I used to be terrified of needles until I was certified in phlebotomy. (Stitches incident happened after)

I used to work as a promo girl. But, waitressing pays better.

I’m obsessed with the Detroit Red Wings. And I have a huge crush on Dan Cleary. He likes me too.

I’m late for work by typing this. I’m actually always late for work when I work the morning shift. But, it’s not a big deal. Seriously, I’m not that much of a slacker.

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  1. I love a good back tickle. Yes I do!
    Thanks for being late to work to link up with me. ;)

  2. I always check behind the shower curtain! haha. And cute tattoo. What others do you want to get?

  3. I can totally see the Audrina resembelance!! I am terrifird of spiders I would have FREAKED out over a tarantula!! Thank you for not including a picture!!! I am scared of snakes, but not as bad as spiders. I fall asleep with my makeup on too but I relaly try not too...actually I'm pretty sure that by the time I go to sleep I have already wiped off all my makeup from the day hahaha

  4. Even at 30 I feel like there is something that is going to grab my feet under my bed!

  5. I hate cash too! I think you look like Marnette Patterson, especially when you had blonde hair :-)

  6. fun - i did the link up too and it was good times! i'm also terrified that there is someone hiding my shower or the back seat of my car. and with food - i'm the opposite - i hate when my food/drinks are overly hot and that was one of the facts i listed lol.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  7. Hahaha I hate sleeping too! I'm like, "Why can't I just take on the world instead?!" Apparently, we need sleep to do that? So annoying. :)

  8. Love this linkup. Girl, I agree with the spider/snake thing. I am terrified of spiders, but don't mind snakes. I will also listen to songs I love on repeat.

  9. I never though of that before..I don't love spiders but snakes freak me the eff out!

  10. I could sleep for the rest of my life. I don't understand you at all.

    samm @ dysfunctionaleverafter.com

  11. Love this list! I'm always burning my mouth because I want my food NOW. My mom is just as afraid of snakes as you are. She won't even walk down a toy aisle that has them in it. I do the same thing with my makeup and I love that tattoo!

  12. You are gorgeous, dear. You so look like Audrina, and I hate you for this. Kind of. And I never listen to a song in its entirety either. Ever. And if I like a song, you better believe I'll play it nonstop.


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