Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ready for bed.


I recently mentioned that I hate sleeping. I had a few people that agreed. I also had some people who thought I was insane for hating something that almost everyone loves and wants more of. If there were more hours in the day and more days in a week.. I might love sleep.

However, I’m currently in need of sleep. Lots of sleep. Tomorrow, I will get that sleep!
My first day in over two weeks that I won’t be waking up before 8am.

I feel like I’m struggling to get anything done because I’m so tired. I have no motivation, at all.

Last night after the Red Wings game I realized I should probably write a blog post. But, I couldn’t even think of anything at all to write about. So I asked my lovely man for some help…

Me: If you had a blog what would you blog about?
Lucas: I wouldn’t have a blog.
Me: Just pretend you did. Tell me what you’d write in your first post.
Lucas: I don’t know. I work and sleep. I wouldn’t have anything to blog.
*One of those nights by Tim McGraw comes on the radio*
Babe! It’s your song! You love this song!
Me: Start thinking of blog ideas, you can answer after the song.

He’s really helpful with blogging. Like that one time I asked him to help me with my “If You Really Knew Me” post.

I also see people talking about how their dude takes photos of them for their blog. I’m sure he’d have absolutely no issue with that.. he might make fun of me.. but, he’d do it as long as he doesn’t have to help me with the content. I’m working on it though. ONE DAY he will contribute. He just doesn’t know it yet.

I forgot to ask him his ideas he came up with after the song…
he conveniently decided to buy me goodies and filled my truck up.
Then he challenged me not to say the F word for the rest of the night. He gave me 3 chances. I failed. Fast.
I don’t always swear.. but, once I have a couple of drinks that dang F word slips in after every 6 words.

Not cute.

Anyways, tomorrow after I get a lot of sleep I’m going to get some blog work done.
I’ll have a giveaway up and running this coming week! Also a few reviews and some other fun things.

…No lie, I just woke up from an unexpected hour nap I decided to take while typing this.


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  1. Girlie sleep is amazing! I live for sleep sometimes I swear no lie. Cray cray huh? I hope you get rested up sweet girl :)

  2. I'm not a huge sleeper myself. It's actually one of my resolutions lol.

    Xo, B

  3. Thought I'd stop by and say hello! I too need to sleep more, I'm always tired!

    Stop by and say hello xo

  4. You guys are cute. I like new changes! Keith is always teasing me about blogging. He says should get paid for it because I invest so much time in it. Ummm, yea! Wouldn't that be awesome?! SMH. Boys are so clueless sometimes.


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