Monday, January 21, 2013

Pet Peeves…

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Sunday night I went into work and happened to glance at the schedule that had already been up for a week and I noticed that I no longer had Friday off and I worked at night. My biggest issue? I bought tickets for Lucas for the Wings game as a surprise AND I have class the next day at 8am and have a big test. Getting out of work at 3am and missing the game? I was CLEARLY an unhappy camper. After about an hour I finally ended up being able to switch with the morning girl. It kind of sucks that I wasn’t able to get it covered simply because now my week is…

Sunday- Work at night
Monday- Classes in the morning & work at night
Tuesday- Work in the morning
Wednesday- Class in the morning & work at night
Thursday- Work in the morning
Friday- Work in the morning & Wings game at night
Saturday- Classes in the morning

I’m already feeling sleep deprived. I thought I’d have Friday morning to sleep.
The entire night I was just annoyed. I started thinking about all of the little things that just annoy me so much.
We all have pet peeves.. I may just have a few more than most people..
Here are my biggest and hopefully some of you can relate.

Loud chewing.
Take smaller bites. Close your mouth. It’s simple.

People who are bossy so they can be lazy.
*I don’t know who creeps my blog so I can’t give examples for this.

Bandwagon fans.
You can enjoy sports or music but, you’re either a huge fan or you’re not. Stop trying so hard.

People who can’t make a decision but don’t agree with any options you make.
”I don’t care, it’s up to you” Is it? Or are you waiting until I name what you really want.

When someone gets upset when you don’t respond right away.
Hey! *3 minutes later* Okay… guess not…?? *4 minutes later* Are you mad at me??????

“Can you google this _______”
Lucas does this ALL the time. It drives me insane. Can your iPhone not do what mine can?

People who make their life seem so hard or busy.
You work 3 days a week and get drunk 6 days a week. You have it so bad.

When people go overboard about their religion to make themselves sound perfect.
”Went to church twice today!!!! Life feels complete! Reading the bible then saving the world.”
I’m not talking about people who are open about their religion. I’m talking about people who you KNOW are not as religious as they try and seem on social media networks.

Sharpie drawn in eyebrows.
Do you own a mirror?

When you’re looking for something and someone says, “Where did you last have it?”
That would probably solve the whole issue if I knew the answer to that.

When people insult you while attempting to compliment you.
”Your hair looks MUCH better this way. I did NOT like how it used to be.” Your hair always sucks.
”I know you wear a lot of makeup but, you can’t even tell because your face look perfect.” ..I do?

When you’re at a store and parents forget they have to control their children.
This isn’t the park. Just stay home.

“Maybe you’re pregnant?!”
I crave pickles 365 days a year, every year… I’m obviously pregnant.

My iPhone battery.
You charger whore.

When someone asks a million questions in the middle of a lecture.
If you would just calm down and listen, 99% of the time your question is answered.

People that go to the bank drive-thru and have a million issues they need to take care of.
Get out of your car and go inside.

Demanding tables that tip crappy.
I ran my ass off for you & refilled your diet coke 14 times.. thanks for the 10% on your $100 bill.

When people use social media to call someone out but doesn’t tag them.
You’re clearly doing that so they can see it.. what if they don’t? You should just tag them.

Taking a shower & getting ready.
That crap takes so long.

Obnoxious liars.
Your fake life sounds so cool. Maybe you should play The Sims.

Wow. I think I feel better now.
What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

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  1. Ahhh I hate when people chew loudly/with their mouth open. It seems like almost everybody I work with does this and it grosses me out. Like stfu you can enjoy your food and talk in a minute.

  2. Going along with the Google thing, I hate when people (at work) ask you a question on how to do something and my answer is "I don't know, let me google it." Because it's not like they couldn't have easily just googled it themselves.

    So instead of saying, "no worries I can do the same thing at my desk." they say, "OK!" and wait for you to find the same answer they could have found.

    Does that make any sense??! Haha I hope so.

  3. Hahahahaaaa the 'social media call out' happened to me the other day and it was so blatant. So, I messaged the girl with no response. Really? If you're going call me out and I call you on it - at least own it! LOL. && I have a girlfriend who let's her daughter smack like that when she eats..

  4. Love this list! They are all hilarious. And true. The parents thing? And the bad tippers? Omg. Yes and yes!

  5. i LOVE this post. It made me laugh out loud. I get especially irritated with people who act like they have the toughest life ever! One of my bigger ones though is washing my hair! I thought I was alone with hating showering/washing my hair thing! it takes wayy too long.

  6. I think that if we lived in the same state, we'd be best friends. I despise loud chewers, liars, and basically everything that you listed...

  7. Oh geez, I agree with everything listed here, especially loud chewers, ugh - drives me not - close your darn mouth and chew like a normal human already! Chips are the worst.

  8. "Your fake life sounds so cool. Maybe you should play The Sims." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I can't make a list like this, it's too long!


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