Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday’s Letters…


Dear Diet, You suck. I hate calorie counting. It’s hard. It’s not fun.

Dear Adam Levine, In 27 days I’ll be 4 rows away from you. Hopefully this diet will help get me noticed? I apologize ahead of time if I happen to some how work my way though security and make out get on stage with you.

Dear Valentine’s Day,
I’m so excited for you! Obviously to spend it with Adam Levine.. but, because I love you! I love being able to make cute things and be overwhelmed with pink and red. ALSO I’m excited for THIS swap!

Dear Group Texts, You’re annoying. Thank you for waking me up at 9am on my only day to sleep in.

Dear Letters, I’m sucking at you today.

Dear Getting Ready, I wish you were easier… or fun.. or something.

Dear Detroit Red Wings, So beyond excited to watch you guys do your thing tomorrow!

Dear Coffee, We may have spent a little too much time together today. Oh wait, that’s impossible.

Dear Motivation, Come out, come out where ever you are…

Dear Make-up, Why must you make me feel like I’m a complete idiot? How many videos do I watch and think.. WOW that’s simple!.. then I attempt this “simple” routine and I completely fail.

Dear Anyone that’s ever asked me to vlog, Some of you have asked me to do make-up & hair videos… well, I can’t because I can’t do either. Showing you how I do my hair and make-up will probably only make you really realize that I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing. I just go with the flow.

Dear Blog Friends, Love you!

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  1. Love Adam Levine. I would be planning the same thing. :)

  2. LOL I watched Pretty Shiny Sparkly vlog about some color tattoo eye makeup and ran to get it. Came home and ended up looking like a shiny clown. : (

  3. I like the buttons in the shape of a heart.


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