Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little Valentine’s Day help.. OHP style.

Are you guys on Vine?!
If you are, come find me! My videos suck.

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Moving on to better things…..

Is anyone else super excited about Valentine’s Day?!?
I’m way too excited. Not just because of Adam Levine. Even though that’s a huge part.
I love having an excited to make Lucas pretty cards, buy him stuff and feel all lovey.

On Valentine’s Day I’ll share what we’ve done the past two Valentine’s Days.
I can be a high maintenance brat, but when it comes to gifts I’m easy to please.
The little things really do mean a lot.
Although Lucas both years bought me really nice gifts.. I never expected it.

A lot of people ask me what I’m getting him or if I have any ideas for them..
I say, make a cute card. Write a love note. Get him candy. Make him dinner.
If you’re looking for a GIFT to buy.. concert or sporting event tickets are always great.

I don’t remember what occasion I bought them for but, I had these dog tags made for Luke that had a quote from our song. I always buy him Red Wings stuff because we’re both obsessed. I once made him a scrapbook, I was actually shocked at home much he loved it. I always try and make gifts personal.

Valentine’s Day is FABULOUS. I don’t want to hear about how awful it is to be single, blah.
If you don’t have a dumb boy to spoil or one that’ll spoil you.. that’s more candy all for you.
Personally, I’d rather not share my candy. Lucas eats all the good stuff or hoards it for work…
But, I apologize for this post if you’re anti-Valentine’s Day.. it’s fun, look!..



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  1. I am single as can be & love Valentine's Day because I can wear as much pink & red as I want. And I'm a hopeless romantic, so Valentine's Day is awesome :)

  2. Love love love all these cute little Valentine things!

  3. So what are you getting LBZ this year?!

  4. So many Valentine's ideas. I need more Valentine's. The boy won't appreciate all of the frou frou.


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