Saturday, December 1, 2012

Supermom’s Eats and Neats!

This girl is super fabulous! She was briefly introduced to all of you a few weeks ago in my group giveaway!
I honestly LOVE reading her blog. I love any bloggers that clearly blog because they love doing it. I honestly couldn’t believe she has less than 100 followers. Please, check out her blog. I promise if you’re a follower of mine, you’ll love Athienna! But, instead of me bragging about her.. I’ll let her take over today!



Hello Readers from Pretty Little Endeavors I am so excited to be doing my first guest post. Since I am a rookie at this I am going to keep it short and hopefully you will come visit me and my blog and stay awhile!

If you were coming to my house to hang out you would know....

1.  I love to do everything. I mean like everything. It doesn't matter if it is a causal get together or a dinner party I love all the details. I always make sure all the details are casual and relaxing but really thinking of the details.

2.  I love music and dancing at any time and I might just grab you for a 30 second dance off. My daughter and her friends have tons of IPhone videos of me singing and cooking without knowing it until weeks later when I am surprised by a video via text!

3.  We are a family that LOVE kids. I mean loves them. We would rather hang out as families (even if you don't have kids, you can have mine while your here...wink) than no kids activities. Our house is NOT a house where kids are all sent to the basement to play that's for sure. Be prepared for anyone of my kids to need help from you because they see everyone who walks in our house as family.

4.  Be prepared to eat, drink and be marry!! You will leave 5 pounds heavier for sure.

5.  Don't be embarrassed as my husband and I act like high school love birds. I really can't get enough of that man ;)
Justin and I 2

6.  I am hilarious!! I love cracking jokes and laughing until my stomach hurts

7.  I blog my life, my experiences, my recipes, my family, and sometimes an emotion or two.

I hope you dance your fingers over to my blog and come and visit. I would love to have you over and stay awhile.


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