Monday, December 17, 2012

Social Networkers.

I know that everyone always complains about Facebook.
But, why just Facebook? The other social networking sites are perfect?
I find myself annoyed constantly. Maybe it’s just me..

Like this photo if you would save your mom from a burning house.
I better like that photo because I wouldn’t want my mom to think I wouldn’t save her…

The people who never learned how to spell or form sentences.
Yo!!! Dat PARTY wuz SiiiiiCK Lst NiiGHT! Yaaa BuDDiiEEEE!!

Oh wait.. here’s the PERFECT example….

Repost this photo or this evil clown will be hiding under your bed tonight.
I can’t even fit anything else under my bed. Nice try.

The re-adder.
You unfriended me or unfollowed me. Why 2 weeks later are you trying to add me again?

I’m sorry to hear about yeast infection.. Wait, why am I hearing about it?

“No Make-up” photos. Or “just woke up gross I know”
”ZOMG! Just woke up! Hair is a hot mess! #DONTCARE”
Really? You sleep with your hair up.. and it stays in place?…

And, YES. This is what my hair may sometimes (99% of the time) look like when I wake up.
If you tease your hair you understand.

The person who can’t get over their ex.
”I did everything for you! Why can’t I just find someone who is real? I deserve so much more. Are there any good guys left out there?”

The person who is clearly still friends with their ex on social networking sites.
”6 really HOT guys told me I’m sexy today. #singleprobz”

Relationship Status.
Thank you for letting Facebook know that you’re now single.. or wait, that was 36 minutes ago. Now you’re back together. Oh, what’s that? 14 hours later you break up again? Oh.. but, after another hour you guys are back together and so “in love”.. In the 2.5 years Lucas and I have been together, our FB relationship status has ALWAYS been “In a relationship”.. maybe yours just isn’t working out.

Posting a photo with your face looking like you’ve been holding your breath for 12 minutes and your shoulders are almost touching your ears.. all to show off how “skinny” your stomach is.
Once again, you’re not fooling anyone.

Party Moms.
You fill my news feed up with your pregnant stomach and then the second you have your baby you’re filling my news feed up with pictures of you partying. The reason you couldn’t drink for 9 months is because your baby was growing inside of you and now, you’re a mom. Grow up.

The feel sorry for me because I had a baby young moms.
I don’t feel sorry for anyone who had a baby young. That may sound harsh but, I’m not one to judge someone based off of the age that they had a baby. I know moms that are my age and have a baby but, they do everything to be a wonderful mom. It’s possible. Yes, there are shitty young moms.. but there are also shitty older moms. I offended people by saying I was thankful for being young without a child. “When I was your age I already had a baby, I didn’t get to go out a party”…  Don’t be mad at me for not being a mom before I’m ready, be mad at birth control.

“I don’t want to talk about it”
Then don’t post a depressing status or tweet. You received the attention, now explain.

Designer Braggers.
If you’re going to pretend that you only own designer things.. sneaking in the same 4 designer items in every photo you take doesn’t really make you look like the big deal you’re trying to be. Bragging that you got an awesome deal on some sort of designer item, totally okay.

The Status Hacker.
”I’m coming out of the closet finally!”
It’s really not funny that you can’t remember to log out of you accounts.


I probably could go on and on about this. What drives you nuts about social networking?


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  1. What makes me crazy? Everything you listed! Nice list!

    Although, umm, I really can sleep with my hair up and it stays in place. The joy of really curly curls.

  2. "Facebook fishing"! I guess you already covered that, but it drives me bonkers.

    FB friend:

    And then 20 comments in response all saying: why? what happened?

    Maybe I need to deactivate before I stroke out! lol.

    Love your blog btw, you make me laugh :)

  3. OMG Party Moms is my BIGGEST peeve!!!! Amen girl!

  4. hahaha this entire post is just hilarious. It's all so true. The young moms/party moms ones makes me crazy, I know a girl with two kids that just posted photos of her last photo shoot in a thong and bra. I am not even kidding- A thong. 22 photos. It's unreal; I realize you are 27 and have a great body but you are the mother of two boys under two. Stop. It.

  5. The fakers. "Everything is just going fantastic in my life, I love it!" Yet 10 minutes ago in person they were all "FML, I'm broke, I'm stressed, I hate my job & I hate my car."...Ummm?? lol
    My thoughts are, if you're going to air your life, do the good and bad, don't be fake for show, you're not impressing anyone, ESPECIALLY the people that know better. haha!

  6. And these would just be a handful of reasons why I deleted my Facebook account over 6 months ago. Thanks for the laugh, I don't miss any of it :)

  7. Seriously, hands down, best post ever!
    I agree with ALL of this!! ALL of it!!!!

  8. OK ALL this drives me crazy! You totally said it all! I hate the ppl that reach for attention and pity! My page is totally private and I wont add anyone I don't know well... Even with that I see some of this crap among my own friends and fam and it is sooooooo annoying. Bah! I mean sometimes it is good for a laugh, but I usually just roll my eyes....

  9. This is TOO funny! I actually work as a Social Media consultant at an online marketing firm and my pet peeves are a wee bit different but I could go on for days. These are HYSTERICAL and made my monday!

    Love your blog and can't wait to follow along!
    It's an Easy Life

  10. All of the above drives me nuts! But I find the designer braggers to be the worst. It's so materialistic and not my thing at all. I like nice things, do not get me wrong but I just don't feel the need to throw it into people's faces.


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