Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Recap!

I absolutely HAVE to write this post now or else it just won’t happen.
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day recap. Ready, Set… GO!



Christmas Eve was wonderful. We spent time with my family as well as Luke’s.
Lucas’s parents got us floor seats to see Maroon 5 on Valentines day and tickets to see Luke Bryan in Indiana 2 days before my birthday! The Maroon 5 tickets I have been completely bratty about because Lucas said we’d go and then just forgot to get the tickets. Last time Maroon 5 came he never took work off so I had to buy another ticket and take my parents. He didn’t know his parents got them for us. But, it all works out. I can’t wait.

I think I might just flood you all with photos…
These are all from my phone/ipad..
I’m sorry I’m too lazy to get them off my camera.

My mom is OBSESSED with her iPAD. She’s been wanting one for months.

My Niece, Me & my sister.

The top photo shows my sister and I wrapping Lucas’ gift he got for his sister & her fiancé Christmas 2011.
The bottom shows Lucas doing it himself with help from my nice since I wasn’t doing it this year.

My phone failed…

My phone failed.. AGAIN.

I failed.

My parents got us matching diamond earrings!

I had a LOT of fun Christmas eve…



I woke up not feeling so hot. And even V8 Spicy Hot wasn’t helping.
I opened presents and then passed out..

But, I finally got up and showered.. then we headed to Windsor.


This was the worst IPA I have ever had.
It tasted like Bud Light or some other kind of cheap beer.
I had two on draft.. $8 each. Should of just drank cheap.

Absolute Raz & Soda. Not bad.

Top shelf whiskey with pomegranate liqueur.
It looks and tasted like a Shirley Temple…
But, then my mom assured me that I clearly didn’t realize how strong it was.
She was right.

This was the IPA I had on draft.
I bought a bottle of it to see if it would taste better and to take a picture to remember the name.
It was not any better in a bottle. It was double the price of a Bud Light Lime..
Again, I should of drank cheap.

wardrobe malfunction.

I had fun at Caesars. My parents gave me $60 to gamble with.
They bought me 2 of my drinks and the rest I used for drinks and gambling.
I ended up walking out with $20.

Christmas was a success. It looks like you all had a great Christmas as well!


I wanted to let you all know that the family member who was in the hospital was my Papa. He had 95% blockage in one of his arteries in his heart. His surgery went well. He’s recovering and should be going home today or tomorrow. I spent the entire afternoon yesterday at the hospital. I’m so grateful that everything is okay. Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers!

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  1. Love all of these. How cute is your mama with her ipad and warning you about those drinks?
    Looks like y'all had a good one! :)

  2. Love the photos :) I am glad you enjoyed it & not much longer & you will be here in Nashville! I will be there for New Years so I will make sure to take tons of pics for you too see of your favorite place :)

  3. Looks like you had a pretty good Christmas! Your pics are fun and that shirley temple drink sounds delicious! glad to hear the surgery went well!


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