Thursday, December 27, 2012

It’s Ok…

…That I’m linking up to put off finishing my Christmas post.

…To cry over snow even though I have 4-wheel drive. Doesn’t help on ice.

…To wake up at 10 to a text from your boss reminding you that you work at 10… only if this was the first time.. and the day after Christmas.
…To give in to those insane pickle, chicken noodle soup and V8 spicy hot cravings in the middle of the night.
…To have extreme cravings and not be pregnant.
…That people can’t figure out if I’m sarcastic or a bitch.
…To have a cookie, or two.. for breakfast.
…If the entire day is on pause until you’ve had 2 cups of coffee.
…To wake up Christmas morning realizing you had 4 too many beers.
…To spend more of the $60 your parents gave you for the casino.. at the casino bars.
…If the only gift your boyfriend gave you for Christmas was a $25 4 pack of beer. It’s my favorite and it’s 12% alcohol. I should mention that my Christmas gift from him was a grand towards my Macbook Pro. He just felt bad that I wasn’t opening anything from him.

…If you drink more Starbucks than your Instagram friends but never post a picture of your red cup.
…It’s okay to be a huge slacker at blogging sometimes. Even if it’s just because you’re too busy laying on the couch watching re-runs and feel too lazy to go upstairs and grab your laptop. It happens. It’s ok.
…To judge someone based off of their wedding registry.
…If you completely suck at dieting.
…To put off getting in the shower until you almost don’t have time to take a shower. CRAP.
Its Ok Thursdays

Also, if you could send some prayers my way.. A close family member is currently in the hospital, very unexpectedly. Luckily they were transported from their local hospital to a great hospital with a wonderful cardiovascular center. This family member will be having surgery in less than an hour. I’ll be at the hospital this afternoon and really appreciate all your prayers. Thank you all so much. I wish I could explain how thankful I am for each and everyone of you!


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  1. lol I am so glad i'm not the only person with the cravings and not pregnant. I have them horribly. I can only imagine how bad it'll be if I ever do have a baby. I'll be screwed..and hefty.

  2. Thinking of you and your family. And how cute are you two! Did you get him that hat for Christmas?

  3. new follower from the linkup! I totally have cravings and most of them lead me to eating cookies for breakfast, more specifically Girl Scout cookies despite the bags of xmas cookies laying around!

    And I judge people on their registries, I also refuse to buy things off the registry if I think you registered for stupid stuff. Then I buy things that I would want them to have for when I come over... it's almost always related to wine.

    Love your blog!

  4. love all these haha. i can't function without coffee either and your snowy/icy car looks no fun! i've been a bit of a slacky blogger recently too - so hard with the holidays and the want to just be lazy and cozy on a couch. i have big plans (i.e. no plans so far...) for the new year!!

  5. You crack me up!

    It's ok that I considered going to starbucks just to take a picture of my cup to post on instagram to fit in.

    It's ok that I am super jealous that you don't have to be at work until 10!!!!

  6. Love this list! What kind of beer is it? Thought for your family!

  7. It's definitely okay to put off showers. Sometimes I am just too lazy. Then, I end up waiting until the morning before work to shower... yeah, that works- then I'm just more tired and grumpy.

    My thoughts are with your family! I hope he/she has a speedy recovery

  8. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your family member, will definitely be thinking of you guys.

    I ADORE this list. Seriously, so funny and yet I can identify with everything except for the snow/ice - we don't get that here.


  9. love pretty much all of these...and i am right along with you on the cookies for breakfast, I am horrible at dieting (but I'm going to try again for my New Year's resolution), and I'm super excited about your Macbook Pro! (I have one and love it).


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