Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Christmas Shopping, I’m not even close to being done. I have so many more things to come in still.. but, regardless I'm not even close.

Dear Immune System, Please start being your amazing self again. You normally keep me from getting sick.. so what’s going on lately?

Dear Anyone, How can I feel better by tomorrow?! HELP!!

Dear Saturday’s Final, PLEASE be easy on me.

Dear Readers, You are all amazing! I’m amazed at how many of you I have. I’m sorry if you just started following me because I’m totally slacking due to finals.

Dear C Word, No.. I’m not talking about THAT c word. I hate that word. I’ve only said it a handful of times. I’m talking about Christmas. I’m sick of all this “holiday tree” bull crap.  If you celebrate Hanukkah, feel free to e-mail me and tell me all about the wonderful things you do to celebrate your holiday. It doesn’t upset me, it actually interests me. So, yes.. I will be saying Christmas as much as I want. Because that’s what I celebrate. If you celebrate differently.. PLEASE talk about it whenever you want. Raven’s post says it all.. 

Dear Coffee & Emergen-C, I am depending on you to get me through today.

Dear Grand Rapids, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!! Luke’s work Christmas party & possibly staying with my best friend who’s away at GVSU.

Dear Weight, We have to do something about you. Maybe you haven’t really increased.. but, you’re no longer decreasing. It’s time to start working out again and eating better.. starting.. now!

Dear Lucas Blaze, I was so mad last night when I work up at 4am on the couch because you let me fall asleep with my contacts in and you didn’t even turn off any lights downstairs. But, thanks for tickling my back until I fell asleep.

Dear Studying, Time to get you done.

Dear Spray Tan, You might happen today!




Keep up with me all weekend long!


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  1. Your Christmas presents are adorable! I love them. It looks like you have a lot more done than I do. As for getting better by tomorrow...good luck. If you find a way let me know! Have a fab weekend.

  2. Emergence C always makes me feel better. If you just drink a couple of those you'll start feeling better in no time! The vitamin C will kick start your immune system :)

  3. I am with you on the Christmas presents. I still have so much to do and have no idea when I am actually planning on doing any of it. And I am totally with you on the immune system thing.

  4. Wow! You have more to shop for?? Crazy~~~
    Also, hope you feel better. You need to rest a lot in order to feel better. Hopefully you're resting! :)

  5. I'm still waiting to see more medical literature published on the effects of Emergen-C before putting that stuff in my body.


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