Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog Announcement & OHP!

I’m currently writing this from the disaster of a room I have. It’s bad. Really bad.
I’d rather deep clean the entire house than my room. I’m talking scrubbing every single surface & corner.
Lucas is OCD with cleaning. & as I said I can can be.. but, with the right mood & room.
Yet, together.. we’re tornadoes. I feel bad for any maid that has had to clean our hotel rooms.
We once ran into the maid that cleaned our room in Nashville and we apologized for the aftermath of our tornado.
So, I’m forcing myself to spend all of Wednesday cleaning. Not the house, unfortunately, this bedroom.

This is fabulous news for any of you looking to score some clothes for under $10.
I’m going to have a blog sale. Within the next week. Tomorrow would be fab, but we’ll see.
I have so many items that have never been worn. I also wear things once and then I’m on to the next..
So, hopefully some of you will help me out. Maybe I’ll sell some purses. No limits here.
I STILL have clothes from when I was a medium / size 3,5 or 7. So those need to go.


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OKAY… on with the pinning!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


Source: via Amanda on Pinterest





Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


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Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


Source: via Amanda on Pinterest



Come pin with me!


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  1. Totally jumped on the sponsor opportunity :) And I can't wait to shop your closet missy.

  2. I love all these pins but I love the first one! And I need a glass like the wine glass.

  3. I love that little girl, she is too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Love all the pins! :) So cute! New follower to your blog! Love it!


  5. I must have that "Make me coffee" Tshirt... Hahaha that is so me! Love these pins. That little fashionista is tooo presh! :)

  6. I love that coral printed shirt. And that last outfit is killer! Would be perfect for my work party on Friday night.

  7. I put the "he sees you when you're drinking" glass on my blog today too! haha. love it :]

  8. That little girl with the vest is just too darn cute!

    Brooke =)

  9. I'm excited for your clothing sale! And those are just my sizes!!


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