Sunday, November 4, 2012

One holiday at a time.

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a fab weekend!
I’m a day late on my Halloween recap post. What’s new.

Saturday I had class and had to rush to meet Lucas so we could head up to Michigan State.
It was freezing! And we lost in the last 10 seconds.. wah. I’m exhausted…

But, here’s some Halloween photos..

This is the pumpkin my Nana & Papa grew for me !

Forcing Luke to draw my design on my pumpkins..



Made a card and bought my dude lots of candy!


Dry ice and my kitty pumpkin! My mom has become a fab pinterest lover.. (Follow her boards here!)

The night before Halloween “Devil’s Night” or “Angel’s Night” as they call it in Detroit.
We went and got out pumpkins.. it was raining and freezing and I was so mad that Luke waited until then.
Funny how girls always know the perfect time to do things and guys push it off because a game (not hockey) is on..
I wasn’t happy.. but, then we carved pumpkins and he took me to dinner and like magic I was a happy camper again.
I’m sure next year he’ll go to the pumpkin patch on the first nice day to avoid me being a brat again.. haha.

I don’t know if other cities call the night before Halloween “Devils Night”.. I should of googled it but, I didn’t.
Devil’s Night in Detroit means more fires, shooting.. and what ever else they do there..
Yes, the actual city of Detroit is probably as bad as you’ve heard. Venturing off in Detroit isn’t a good idea.
The city could be beautiful. I go to sporting events.. and that’s it. I don’t belong in that city.
I’m not saying that in a snobby way. Kids from the “suburbs” that try and hang out & buy or sell drugs end up on the news because they’re not from that kind of area and it’s obvious to people that are. It’s scary but, it’s life.
So, on that night they have a ton of police and volunteers to try and reduce the crime and call it Angel’s Night.
I guess that was the only positive side of Sandy.. it was freezing, windy and rainy here which meant less crime.

On Halloween Luke and I went to see a movie called Cut/Print. It’s a horror movie that was locally filmed.
It was actually pretty good. We were lucky enough to be in a small theater with annoying people who thought
it was perfectly okay to talk during movies. Not whisper. Talk. Loudly.

We didn’t really do anything else for Halloween.. Just ate candy and relaxed. We’re exciting, I know.
I enjoy doing nothing sometimes since I’m always so crazy busy.

Also, it is NOT Christmas yet. Please, no Christmas music. Why does everyone rush Holidays?
I just recapped Halloween and people are already decorating for Christmas! Holy cow! Slow down!

Okay.. I’m going to bed before my Sunday morning shift!

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  1. I am glad you & Lucas had fun minus him making you wait until the last minute on the pumpkins. At least next year he will know better :) that within itself is a plus in my book. I love the little pumpkins with dry ice I can truly say you are the first I seen do dry ice verses candle lit. & I have never heard it called devil night or angel night but that is pretty neat. I love it!

  2. This is gorgeous, I will have to try it next Halloween!

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