Monday, November 5, 2012

I’m Currently…

Guess who is going to try and have a post almost every day this week? This chick.
Hello link-ups… Sadly, I will be involved in 3 link-ups this week.. better than no posts, right?

If you’re wondering, I’m currently..

This coming Sunday because I have THE DAY OFF!!! If you don’t know, I go to school 3 days and work 3 days and 1 night.. but, Sunday.. the entire day off. Which means I can sleep in! I wake up around 6am every morning.. except Thursday when I work nights.. I sleep until 2pm.

Christmas presents! Too soon? Last year, I did all my shopping online! I used ebates and ended up making a lot of money and saving a ton of money! I want to get my shopping done early this year. Pinterest is increasing my creativity. But, I love it.

Lucas. I know you shouldn’t need anyone but, he’s my best friend. When anything goes wrong, he’s the person who can make me laugh. He also gives me back rubs when I’m stressed or when my back hurts (which it always does..) and he tickles my back when I’m sleepy.. or when he’s sick of rubbing my back. He can always make everything better. I’ve never, ever needed anyone (except family) but, I need him, I’ll admit it.

Too much.

How exhausted I am. I need to stop worrying about getting so much done and start worrying about getting some sleep before I completely crash.

I’m now currently thinking that you should join in on this fun!



To touch on something I mentioned.. Ebates. I am absolutely in LOVE with this site. At first, I thought it was an annoying scam website. But, it’s not. You literally sign up, go through their site to shop your favorite stores and you earn cash back. The cash back varies. Ebates also offers deals and discounts. It’s awesome. If you online shop, you need to join because you’ll earn cash back. Yes, I swear on my life I’ve received checks. Just for shopping. You don’t pay them for anything. Just use their site to go to sites you normally shop. No, I’m not sponsored by Ebates in any way (I wish I was). I’m just an online shopping addict and Ebates has made it a million times better. You’re literally getting paid to shop. Total win.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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  1. I've signed up for ebates but have yet to use it. I guess I should huh!

    Yay for weekend days off! I love when that happens =). Relax a ton girl!

  2. I think you need Sunday! You deserve a break!

    Lea x

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  3. Ebates is the best, it was a total lifesaver when I was in my friends wedding and the dresses she wanted us to get were expensiveeeeeee! Love it! Anyway, that is super awesome that you are Christmas shopping already, I need to start! Enjoy your upcoming day off!!!

    Brandi @

  4. I've never tried ebates before, i guess I need to look into it as I gear up for my holiday shopping.


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