Saturday, November 10, 2012

If I could write a letter to me..

Have you heard Brad Paisley’s song “Letters To Me”?
He talks about if he could write a letter and send it to himself at the age of 17..
It’s my turn. I wish I could of received this letter back then…

Dear Teenage Mandy,

You don’t know as much as you think you do. There’s so much more to life than trying to stay friends with people who will walk all over you any chance they get. They’re really not that great, you’ll be fine with out them.

Boys are idiots. I know it may seem like having a boyfriend in high school is the best thing ever but, it’s going to suck. You’re going to get hurt and it won’t be worth it. You’ll find out who will be there for you forever and who you’ll be happy to forget about.

Don’t worry about prom. Prom is stupid and anyone that says it’s the best night of their life clearly doesn’t have a life. If your boyfriend at the time decides the day of that he’s not going to take you, enjoy yourself.  You’re single & free.

Please, just listen to Mom and Dad. Especially Mom. She will give you her opinion on people and you’re going to think she’s absolutely insane and just trying to ruin your fun. She’s not. You’re going to realize this when you’re sitting at the kitchen table balling your eyes out after prom.

You’ll rent a house with a bunch of friends after prom. You’ll have too much fun. You won’t sleep for days. But, if I could give you any advice.. let your friends take your phone. Don’t allow your ex to ruin your new freedom.

High school will suck. You’ll hate going to school.
You’ll lie in order to get on the list of people who can leave at lunch senior year.
Your grades are going to suck. You’ll get in trouble for them.
You’ll hold things in. You’ll lose friends. You’ll go through break-ups..
But, you’ll make it through.

That summer is going to be one you will always remember.
You’re going to go on plenty of dates & you’re going to have a ton of fun.

On July 4th 2010.. after you have your fun at the beach…

DO NOT go home and try to have conversations with mom & dad. Just go to bed.
You’re going to fall asleep and miss the fireworks you promised you’d go to. This will be “college boy”’s last straw.

Don’t feel bad. 3 years before that he one night forgot you were his girlfriend. Karma, right?

You’ll be really interested in a boy that you’ve been interested in since, what seems like, forever. He won’t dig college boy and he won’t want you to go to the 4th of July fireworks with CB.. but, missing the fireworks means you didn’t miss out on a fab guy.

You’ll waste time talking to other guys and eventually what you’re dealing with from your past will catch up to you and scare everyone off. That boy you’re really interested in will be the only one who stays by your side. He’ll be the only one who is excited to go to the Goo Goo Dolls concert with you. He’ll be excited to meet your parents ON THE FIRST DATE and he’ll be excited to hold your hand in public. He’ll also go get you a milkshake after he drops you off at night.

He will be the only guy who will stand by your side while you’re going through something that other’s wouldn’t understand. He will encourage you to get a restraining order and once you finally do, you’ll feel better about life.. and most importantly you’ll feel better about yourself.

Throughout your teenage years, you’re going to have so many ups and downs. Things aren’t going to make sense. You’re going to care way too much about people who really don’t care about you. Don’t let it define you. You are so much more than what you think. You’re a lot stronger than what you think. Don’t take shit from anyone.

Stand up for yourself.

I’ll let you in on a little fact..
You’re not going to associate with 99% of the people you’re trying so hard to keep around.

Always remember that family is not about who is blood related. Because, you’re going to learn that many of those that are blood related absolutely suck.  You’ll be upset at first but, don’t spend too much time thinking about it. They’re not going to care about you later on in life. Unfortunately, you’ll still care for them.

Don’t go to school for nursing. You don’t want to do it you’re just too scared to admit it.
Don’t wait until you’re 2 classes away from applying for the nursing program to finally switch majors.

Enjoy life while it’s simple. Don’t complicate it.

And, if you’re going to live your life the way the older you wouldn’t.. Please make sure you learn from yourself.

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  1. This is a great idea for a post! Many things I wish I could tell my younger self too. Also, AMEN to what you said about family not being always about who is blood related. I have learned that over and over again. Xo!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. It was quite a nice way to learn more about you. You're so lucky you found such a lovely partner, I know you're meant for great things!

    Lea x

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  3. I love this, I love this, I love this!!! I wish more people did this so the 'now' teenage girls unsterstand we lived in their shoes too! I am so glad you shared so much with us & I love your reflections.. we all do crazy things & we all do crazy things for a 'boy'. We never listen to our parents, and our Mom is always SO crazy and doesnt' understand!! hhhaaaa.
    Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy reading your posts.. and this is one of my top 5!

    Amy (Trials & Triumphs)

  4. I absolutely loved this post!! What a great idea!! Oiii vey, I don't know if I publicly want to write a letter to myself and all of my screw ups, boyfriends and backstabbers lololol!

  5. Oh my goodness, girl! I LOVED reading this!! It strayed away from the reg blogger post and gave me something GOOD to read!! I love it!! So open and honest.


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