Monday, November 12, 2012

I believe in…

Yes, I do realize that everyone and their brother…
…..and their brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s sister have done this post.
But, guess who cares that I decided to do this now? Not me. Don’t judge, I’m not a pro blogger.
I originally saw this post on one of my favorite daily reads Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.
& the post was a link-up that the fab Erin from Living in Yellow started.
So check out what Whitney believes in & also check out what Erin believes in.


I believe in animal print.

I believe in retail therapy.

I believe in The Detroit Red Wings.

I believe in Dan Cleary.. every season.
Regardless of the fact that he said I look better as a blonde..
He also mentioned that he was shocked at this picture because he never smiles in pictures.

I believe in blaming everything on Gary Bettman until the NHL lockout ends.

I believe in true love.

I believe in singing louder than the music, if you’re alone.

I believe in an excessive amount of caffeine.

I believe in my fabulous parents and their amazing relationship.

I believe in Dr. OZ.

I believe in 90’s music.

I believe in Keane. I also believe 90% of my photos from when we saw then in Chicago he’s singing to me.

I believe in country music.

I believe in Nashville, Tennessee.

I believe in having a little too much fun every now and then…

I believe in my tattoo, “Trust Your Struggle”

I believe in happiness, even when life doesn’t seem to be working in your favor.

I believe in not getting ready for class. Especially when you have to leave your house by 7am.

I believe in Saturday classes, unfortunately.

I believe in working hard to earn whatever you want in life.

I believe in taking pictures in any mirror you find. Even if it’s in a busy store in Nashville.

..Okay, I’m totally kidding about that.
When I discovered this, I was so mad that Lucas didn’t stop me.

I believe in big hair.

I believe in laughing until your abs hurt.

I believe in being grateful for the little things.

I believe in treating animals like humans.

I believe in cute text messages and phone calls just to say I love you.

I believe in always being a perfect little angel.

Once again.. kidding.

I believe in being sassy.


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  1. I'm jealous of your big hair! I love it!
    Animals are our friends why would somebody not treat them like a human?

    Love your list!

  2. OMG I adore your list!!! About the caffeine, the animals, laughter, 90's and country music... I am glad you joined in! The "I believe.." was my first link up!

    I am also jealous of your hair! Mine is sooo heavy it doesn't want to be big, ever! And girlll how do you stay so THIN! Jealous!
    Xo, Brandi

  3. What a sweet post!!!
    I believe in 98% of the things you do.. Except the hockey. Cause I live in Phoenix and it's not really a big thing in these parts.


  4. Love this post! And awww what cute pups :)

  5. Love these!! I believe in retail therapy, big hair & treating animals like humans too! Love all your hair colors!

  6. Love this post :) I also am a lover of animal print, caffeine and big hair! New Follower.

  7. I agree with several of these, especially the caffeine comment.


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