Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Hurricane Rebound



I want to share this with all of you. I believe that the Holidays are a time for giving. This is also the season to have holiday parties. What better way to celebrate the Holidays than having a holiday party that gives back?

Meet some of the women affected by Hurricane Sandy. 
Honestly, I cried reading their stories. Which is why I’m sharing this with you.
We can help.

Host an online party!!!!
The jewelry is beautiful and very affordable. Jewelry is always a great Christmas gift!

Check out the awesome rewards you’ll get just for hosting a jewelry party!
I’m talking a free piece of jewelry of your choice.

Up to 30% of your party's sales in FREE jewelry.

Double Host Dollars for just $19 in November.

And up to four items of your choice at half-price.

An online jewelry party is perfect for us bloggers! But, if you’re not planning on hosting a part please share this with everyone you know. It’s an amazing way to help women entrepreneurs who were affected by the hurricane.

Check out their website and view their catalog and please host a party and spread the word!!



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