Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday’s Letters!

Dear Wedding Dress Shop, You were beautiful! You made me even more wedding crazy than I already was.

Dear Vlogging, Hmm.. I’m considering you. I know I said this months ago.. but, ah.. I’m really, really thinking about it!

Dear Lucas Blaze, Sorry I’m so hard to wake up. I know I say the craziest stuff when I’m half asleep. I love you and I love your family.

Dear Blogging, I suck at you.

Dear Coffee, Please do your job today. I’m feeling exhausted. I love you!

Dear Coffee Makers, I don’t know how to use you. But, I think I figured you out at work yesterday when I was in desperate need of coffee. I like mine where I just put the k-cup in and press a button. Even in Chicago at Hard Rock they have my kind of coffee maker in the room.. because they’re simple and fast! Coffee quicker = happy me.

Dear Secretly Pregnant, Just when I thought that “I didn’t know I was pregnant” was a wack job of a show.. You stepped up to the plate. I mean, really?!?! If I was 6 months pregnant I’m pretty sure people would noticed. Or at least I hope. Like that time in High School when I rocked a baby bumps.. I’ll show you guys pictures another time.

Dear Sunday, MY DAY OFF!!! I can not wait to SLEEP IN! I may not even wake up until 4pm. How perfect would that be? I’m so damn tired I can barely function.

Dear Work Today, Please be as busy.. if not more busy than yesterday. That money is fab and I need to start Christmas shopping!

Dear Posts I have planned this month, I’m so excited! It shall be a good month at Pretty Little Endeavors!

Dear Christmas Music, Stop.

Dear Snow, Don’t even think about it!




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  1. Ahhh I would be in soooo much trouble if I went wedding dress shopping with somebody. Love weddings!

    What channel is secretly pregnant on? That sounds like a lot of fun drama. Lol.

  2. I don't get places that don't have Keurigs either - so much easier. Then you don't have to make a whole pot just for one person. We are trying to get one for our office!

  3. i hate the show i didnt know i was pregnant too! so i'm sure i would hate this one .. why would you want to keep it a secret?? anyway i loved your letters!

    xo Britta

  4. Ok can you please tell me how to do hair and makeup?! You're gorgeous... THANKS!!! ;)

    And I have no idea how to work a coffee pot, unless it's a lil k-cup! HAHA!


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