Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Cheap Tippers, I understand that going out to eat/drink is more expensive than staying home. If you can’t afford a 20%+ tip to someone who makes sure you’re glass is never empty.. please, just stay home. That $1 tip on your $60 bill isn’t fab. However, it wasn’t all that bad considering I thought that person walked out leaving me to pay their $60 tab.. but, still.. a dollar?

Dear Waitressing Job, I really do enjoy you. Sometimes you make me realize how much I don’t like people.. but, I really can’t complain. Before you I was working at a tanning salon making like $7.25 an hour.. working about 25 hours a week.. that’s about $180 a WEEK. I dig being able to make that or more in one shift. I see why some people waitress opposed to getting a career.. but, I just don’t understand how anyone could deal with all of that for more than a few years.

Dear Lucas Blaze, I am SO excited to have all day with you! I’m so glad you’re taking me shopping! I’m also very happy that you went to bed at 2am and hopefully you’ll be up by the time I’m ready.. weird how I can go to bed at 5am and wake up at 9am and be golden. I love you bubba!

Dear Stye, Well.. you suck. You’re starting to make my eyelid take over my entire eye. When I woke up Thursday you were magically there saying good morning in the most painful way. I think 24 hours was a long enough stay.. I promise I’ll be okay if you leave me in the middle of the night.

Dear Shopping, I’m about to do lots of you today.. (ah, I always laugh when it end up like that.. so immature..)… Hopefully I can get more Christmas shopping done than shopping for myself.

Dear Wrapping Paper, Guess what.. I totally dig you. You’re super fab. I enjoy making presents look extra pretty.. even if they’re for boys… especially if it’s for my Lucas.

Dear Anon Tumblr Questions, I know that some of you are using my tumblr to ask me questions you don’t feel comfortable asking me personally. I have considered getting a formspring again.. but, I have to really give it thought. My formspring that I deactivated is awful! Its about 4,000 questions all from my ex and Lucas’ ex.

Dear People who contact me when they shouldn’t, I have never cared enough about anyone in my past to just keep contacting them years late. If you threaten someone’s life and stalk them until they have to get a restraining order.. chances are 3 years later they don’t give two shits about your anti-bullying company. My life is not that interesting. I work, go to school, obsess over Lucas, shop obsessively.. seriously, just get on with your life.



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  1. Very cute. I love your picture. I have never been a waitress but getting $1 would straight piss me off. Hope you get better tippers! I would enjoy working at a tanning salon. Adorable wrapping paper- i usually look for "Barbie" haha. totally agree with people from your past.. they should just stay there. Have fun shopping! <3, Amy

  2. You look just like Katy Perry in that picture (compliment! I love her.)

    I feel for you and that stye. I get them too they are the worst...Here is hoping it goes back down soon!


  3. I am with you on the waitressing stuff! I loooove that wrapping paper too, so cute : )

    XO, Kelsey

  4. You're awesome girl!!! And I loooove the wrapping paper you picked out- especially the penguins :) PS- I requested you on twitter!!

  5. I adore the picture with the moustache mug!!! Awesome-ness :)

  6. a mustache beer mug?! shopping?! yessssss
    asshole tipper and stalkers? nooooooo
    this year, i am doing all plain brown packaging paper with red and white baker's twine, and i too, am over the moon excited.
    it's the little things, right?

  7. Loving the mustache cup. Also, I used to work at a tanning salon too -- I feel like people who work at tanning salons share a special bond from dealing with unique and sometimes unfortunate circumstances with our customers, ya know, like pee in beds or pee in garbage cans. GOOD TIMES.


  8. I love those wrapping papers -- so cute!(:

  9. I love that wrapping paper!! :) I found your blog through Kelly at Messy Dirty Hair. Your blog is adorable! :)

  10. Love this! Sounds like you had a great weekend!
    I saw all your instagrams along the way haha!

    xxx Jessica


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