Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Thanksgiving, You were fabulous! Mom cooked way too much amazing food! I enjoyed family time! I also enjoyed watching Lucas’ home videos with him and his parents! Can’t wait for another Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday!

Dear Dudes who write notes to girls at Starbucks, It may seem like a cute idea.. but, it’s not. Just don’t do this. Seriously. Don’t. However, this will be a really good start to an addicting Lifetime movie. Please credit me if you actually make a lifetime movie from this….

Yup. 1 year ago I posted that note shown on my computer screen. He gave me that note at Starbucks. Never said a single word to me. Last night at Starbucks a dude stares my friend down for an hour then drops off the note I’m holding without saying a single word… then it all clicked…. Stay classy Kyle.

Dear Readers, To be fair.. I’m giving the 60% off ad spots deal until MONDAY. I’m going to be doing something for all my sponsors this month since I love gift giving for Christmas! So go grab your spot while they’re practically free!
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ALSO! Don’t forget about THIS GIVEAWAY!!! Only a few more days left!!!!!

Dear Work, Please be kind to me this weekend. I’m exhausted and stressed out with all the homework I need to get done… But, I also need to make some big bucks for Cyber Monday!

Dear Black Friday Shoppers, You are all crazy!!!

Dear Ebates, THANK YOU for having double cash back on so many stores on Black Friday. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer on Cyber Monday. Sign up for Ebates so you can get paid just for shopping online!

Dear Cyber Monday, I can’t wait for you!!!!!

Dear Bed, I didn’t want to leave you today! You were oh so comfy!

Dear Life, You’re so wonderful and so stressful all at the same time.

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (If you live in America) if not I hope your Thursday was fabulous and I hope your weekend is even better!!

Dear Birthday, 3 MORE MONTHS!!!!!!!!





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  1. That note at Starbucks totally kills me...too funny!

  2. i plan to rock out with ebates on cyber monday ahahaha

    ...and that note is killing me.

  3. Cyber Monday...can't wait!! And omg, that note is too hilarious lol.


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