Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fab Fall Fashion Advice (I'm taking notes!!)

Fall is my favorite time of the year.
With the weather getting cooler, I love to add layer to my outfits. 
A scarf here, arm warmers there. You really can't go wrong!
Here, let me show you what I mean...

 A sheer flowy top always looks great dressed up or down.
For me... I love wearing tops like this to work. I looked professional and comfortable at the same time.
My favorite color right now is mint. It works well for the fall, too!

My favorite fall accessory is a nice scarf. This Burberry one was picked up at Nordstrom Rack at an unbelievable price! Always check discount stores like the rack for lil treasures like this!

My favorite jacket is this black leather jacket. I wear it with dresses, jeans, anything. 
I love the motorcycle look and it never gets old!

 My tip for dressing up a little black dress is pairing it with a fun jacket. 
This floral jacket is so fun and has so many colors in it...it goes with a lot of items.
 I also love wearing booties with my dresses.
They are more comfortable than heels!

Oh and there is always a chance for Mochi to jump in the shot. 
I swear he sees the camera coming out and he is by my side. 
What a ham!

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  1. All of this needs to get in my closet... like yesterday! That scarf and those shoes. Gorg.


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