Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That’s a wrap

I’ve seen so many bloggers talk about trying these. I myself have wanted to give it a go.









I saw a post about wraps months ago. I’ve been dying to try them. And I can’t wait!
I could go on about all the fabulous things I’ve heard.. or I could let a reliable source take over.
I’m letting Tara take over today because I know a lot of you are just as interested as I am!
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Thanks so much for the shout out! I am so excited that I stumbled onto your blog…Its fabulous!

So, quick introduction. My name is Tara. I'm a super woman wannabe... I flutter here to there, trying to spread a little magic everywhere. I’m an incredibly busy working mom with a real life controlled chaos situation, but it seems to fit our family really well.

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I work full time for a non-profit and have a home based business selling skinny wraps. I am actually retiring at the age of 37 in just a few months, so I am really excited about that!

So, how in the world did I get into this? I have never "sold" anything really. Except for yogurt at a health food store in high school...and then had a retail stint in cosmetics for a few months. I am not a real "seller" kind of person. I really just like to try stuff, and I wanted to try a wrap or two to get rid of my saddle bags. So here is a little story on how I became the Texas Wrap Girl.

It started with a cruise...a cheap cruise out of Galveston for a week…our first real vacation in years. We charged it because we were desperate to have some sort of vacation. So we went...and we went on the cheap. I went to the spa tour...entered to win something and saw this treatment they were doing. It was so cool! They paint you with some goo, wrap you up and in an hour, you shrink! Mind you, I've never been a "huge" girl, but I was once referred to as a "big" girl. I so wanted to win it, but no such luck. I was still really curious, but it was $500! Ouch...that was almost more than what we paid to get on the ship! No way would I ever have done that.

So we get back from our sweet little vacation, and I was still curious...could I get that wrap from somewhere local? Was it just that expensive because everything is so overpriced on the ship? Nope. It was still expensive…about $300. So I did what every super thrifty girl does. I googled how to make my own! I came up with nothing.
Except this little ad popped up and I clicked on it.

Who knew it would forever change my life.

What has changed in the past year? What made me go from ho hum to holy moly? Well, I used the wrap, I lost my saddle bags. Super happy about that… I even got up the courage to post a picture below. I quit poisoning my body and detoxed with our products. Lost 35 pounds, and paid off a ton of debt! We are going on a third cruise since the first one! But I am happy to say, this time, we are paying in cash! I bought a new car, sent my son to camp for the first time, and have forever changed other people’s lives forever. I can’t believe all this started with this crazy wrap thing…what an amazingly blessed year! I am still thrifty though...no cure for that I'm afraid.


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