Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh, Life..


I have so much homework to do, studying to start, posts to type, and emails to reply to.
Monday my alarm goes off at 6am. Tuesday it’s ringing at 730am. Wednesday it’s 6am.
Friday I work until 3am or later.. then my Saturday alarm goes off at 6am. Sunday I work at 11 or 415.
I’m exhausted. I stay up late just to get things done. Also so I can have Lucas time.. Or if he’s at work, alone time.

Saturday, after 2 hours of sleep and a 6 hour class, Luke and I hung out at his parents house..
I decided not to even worry about what I looked like. I of course didn’t realize they were having a party..
But, I didn’t even wear my extensions! Bam. Hot messness.. Don’t even care.

My real hair is getting so long! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen this…

I also plan on posting a few pictures from Eric Church.. sadly, I have one photo of Eric…
Yeah, I’m depressed over that. I won’t recap.. but, I’ll share some photos. Haha.

Alright, it’s 1:15am.. I need to finish this take home test and paper..

If you’ve e-mailed me or left me comments and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry. Seriously.
I’m going to do my best to get 4 hours of sleep tonight (more than I typically get)..
And then Monday after school I’m going to work on getting back to all of you and getting a lot done.

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  1. caaa-uute hair! I have tried, but I can never ever ever get that poof like you got going on. What is your secret??

  2. I wish my hair would go in a cute pony tail like that! Nothing is more important than school...def not this blog. Get your rest girl!!!


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