Monday, October 29, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures, correct?
Mine is online shopping. Without a doubt.
I’m awesome at finding deals. More for my money makes this girl very happy.

You know how some girls are addicted to buying shoes or purses? I’m not.
Despite the fact that I have at least 100 pairs of shoes & handbags…
I actually have a weird obsession with buying belly button rings.

I love the navel piercing. LOVE it. When I went to get it I was a huge baby.
I had my best friend on one side & some dude who worked there on the other side.
Yes, I had to have two people distract me while I freaked out. But, it didn’t even hurt.
I didn’t have time to feel embarrassed because I was too excited about it.

I order them all from Fresh Trends because they suck me in with their free shipping with a $20 purchase.


They also have some really cute cartilage rings.. I need some new ones because I have the same spike one in always.
I’m picky with cartilage rings because studs are so uncomfortable. And, because that piercing was so painful.
I found some that will actually work. If any of you have the same issue and I do, you’re welcome! So inexpensive!




I want to add that all of you east coasters are in my thoughts and prayers! Stay safe!
We’re even dealing with some of Sandy in Michigan! Can’t imagine what you guys are going through!


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  1. I love the dream catcher navel ring, it's really different!

    Lea x


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