Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Mom, Thanks for buying Just Dance 4 for me!.. Thanks for recording the first song I tried and a huge thanks for putting it on Facebook… I’m sure everyone enjoyed laughing at that…

I posted this on instagram.. just screen shots from the video.
Unless you’re FB friends with my mom, you’ll never see the video!

Dear Lucas Blaze, I’m so excited to go pumpkin picking and do some craving this week!! I’m also excited that we get to spend Friday night and Saturday night together!! Maybe with all this fun stuff we’re doing together we won’t be so blue…

Dear Life, Work and school 7 days a week allow you to be just super, duper fun..

Dear Pinterest, You’re making me so excited for the holidays because I can’t wait to get all crafty with everyone’s gifts! You’re evil. I love you.

Dear Holidays, The only thing I really like about you is buying people a bunch of gifts, making them stuff and wrapping everything so pretty. I love gift giving, and you’re the perfect excuse to do it.

Dear Halloween, You’re so soon! I just want to get super duper scared and binge on candy!

Dear “Super Duper”, I’ve used you twice in this post. I think it’s time to retire this phrase. Yikes.

Dear Haunted Houses, I can’t ever enjoy you again until Lucas and I have children that are older and want one of us to take them. Do you know what happened last year? Luke took me to a place that has like 6 haunted houses and a hayride. He bought us passes for all attractions. The Haunted Hayride was great, Luke loved it. The first haunted house we go through, I thought Lucas was going to cry (he's extremely, annoyingly claustrophobic).. The second one we get a few feet into and we get to this tunnel that you have to like walk through airbags.. and all of a sudden he runs out! LUCAS LEFT ME IN A HAUNTED HOUSE! I had to share this chick’s boyfriend because I was ALONE. So, never again haunted houses.

Dear Readers, I’ll add that after I was out of the haunted house, I was PISSED. But, he felt so bad.. I guess I can understand because if there was a snake in there I would of done the same thing.

Dear Claustrophobia, You’re a weird phobia. You make my Lucas a little wacky in my eyes. He leaves me in Haunted houses, almost cries when he didn’t turn the handle all the way and thought he was stuck in our bathroom when we were staying in Grand Rapids, He won’t go on elevators.. he walked up 14 flights of stairs a few times a day when we stayed at Hard Rock in Chicago, We get to board flights first so he can pick the seat that will be best for his insanity claustrophobia.. Stupid phobia.

Dear Sleep, I need you. I need some cuddle time too! Lots of cuddles.

Dear Michigan Weather, You were 80 yesterday! KEEP IT UP!! Screw fall and winter!

Dear Future Sponsors, 50% off.. which makes the largest one ONLY $5! I’m ending this offer this weekend! So snatch up a spot before they’re full price!! Use code PLE50 !


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Wink Wink.. But, seriously.





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  1. Oh my word, being left in a haunted house would have sent me into cardiac arrest. Actually, just stepping inside the haunted house would have done that. I am so freakishly afraid of that stuff. Awful, I know. But I'm the girl that used to cry on haunted hayrides.

  2. Woot for binging on some candy! :)
    And man, claustrophobia is NO joke. I don't have it, but I know so many who do!

  3. ugh!!!! my boyfriend left me in a haunted house too! not because he himself was scared... he planned on leaving me in there before we even got there! yeah, i have a real winner on my hands.

  4. You look great in the pictures! As for haunted houses.... They freak my shit out but I love them!! Sorry claustrophobia has been a dick. That sucks.


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