Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fraud and marriage

As I was getting ready to go to the wedding reception I received a text..


I assumed it was a spam text. One that would ask for my banking info and all that. So, I ignored it.
I kept thinking.. Yeah OKAY.. spending $30 wouldn’t concern my bank. I’m sure they know my shopaholic ways.
15 minutes later I receive an automated call. It asked if I was “Amanda Ship” (no one says the “E”.. gr.)
Then asked if I could answer security questions. I hung up thinking I was such an idiot for even answering.
It’s clearly just an annoying company trying to get my bank account information. No thanks.
But, then I started wondering.. MAYBE it was chase. I’m in the middle of painting my nails and I decide I’ll check.
My checking account is at THIRTEEN CENTS. I look and see all of these charges..

I don’t think that I even thought about anything. Next thing I know I’m on the phone with Chase.
THANK GOD they’re sending me a new card and refunding my money… stole $400 from me! Here’s the thing, I never gave them access to my bank account.
I had the Fandango app but, never once did I buy anything. Never. Ever. Go screw yourself

After that, the night was fab. I had a real good time at the wedding.

Something about a Photo Booth & props made me the happiest girl ever!

Plus, Lucas made me slow dance with him and I love when we do. Even though it’s so awkward.
The entire time we just talk about how we don’t know how to slow dance.
I kept making him see how other couples were doing it to see if we were doing it right.
But, after about a minute of me feeling awkward he said, “I don’t think you can slow dance wrong.”
Maybe he’s right. So we just did our thing. But, I was mad when he wouldn’t come cupid shuffle with me.
It’s weird because if you watch The Voice did you see when cupid was singing before his audition?
Well Luke’s old band’s singer was the guy in the background playing guitar.

Everyone at that wedding would ask me how I knew the Bride & Groom.
And I would said, “I don’t. My boyfriend does”.. then they’d ask who he was.
Then someone would thankfully answer for me, “Lucas! The drummer!”

New by Lucas Zell

Yeah, my boyfriend when he was a little baby.
But, everyone at the wedding knew him from way back when I was just a fan girl. Haha.

The wedding was gorgeous! The bride and groom are such a beautiful couple!


Don’t mind the eyes, my dumb phone was being super fab.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I hope Monday isn’t too hard on you!!!


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  1. That is so scary about fandango! And your honey famous?? Yall are so cute

  2. Dude photo booths are legit! I probably spent an hour taking pictures and playing with props at my cousins wedding. Looks like fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's so easy to mistake these alerts for spam.. how crappy of fandango!! So glad to see that you had a good night & cute pics!! Who doesnt' love a photo booth?? <3, Amy

  4. Wow I can't believe that, but at least you got your money back. that's crazy! You look like you had a lovely time at the wedding. My girlfriend and I couldn't slow dance for ages but then it just kinda happened haha!

    Lea x

  5. Eeep! I can't believe an APP would scam money from your bank! Like how did they even get access? I'd contact the bank just to see how it happened on their end... Shouldnt they be secure?!

    Least you got a refund though! Scary!

    Love the photos too!
    Super cute hun!


  6. Oh my word! Get your money back, girl! Not cool.
    Aren't photobooths so fun!? I wish we had done one at our wedding!


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