Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random facts.. Birthday edition!

Happy 24th Birthday Lucas Blaze! You old man!

I dig my man, a lot. He’s fab.
I’m celebrating his birthday on my blog with a few random facts you didn’t know about him.

Lucas Blaze is his name. Yes, Blaze is his middle name.
No it’s not related to weed. His grandpa was a firefighter.

Everyone calls him Lucas. I call him Lucas Blaze, Luke or Bubba.

He is a drummer.
He reminds me of this every second by drumming on any object possible.


He does not play guitar. But, he did in this picture.

I actually had to text him on his break to find out about the picture…
No worries.. I do actually know stuff about my boyfriend.
It just may not look like that from this text.


He used to be in a band. He is not anymore.
Everyone went on with life. The singer was on Glee
and is now touring with Selena Gomez, All Star Weekend and people like that.

The first time I saw Lucas in person was when he played Warped Tour in 2008.
He had a crazy girlfriend and I was determined to make him all mine.
Clearly I did. BAM.

He’s actually a fab artist.

“Made from an eraser...colored the whole page black and erased the tiger. Not interested in doing it again.”

He used to have a pet named Blaze..
I mean.. I didn’t really mind Blaze. As long as he was in his cage, we were pals.

Blaze was boring. Lucas didn’t have time for him.. so he gave him to a pet shop.
This would of happened before we moved in together anyways..

Luke’s Uncle is Nick Lidstrom.

….I wish.


On our second date..
We were both in la la land and didn’t know where the camera was in the photo booth..
But, we loved how funny it was so we kept it.

He’s come a long way since his first birthday that we spent together as a couple.
He’s such a hard worker and everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy.

Even if he loves to annoy me as much as possible.. I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone or anything.
..And even though he may be an old man before I’m an old lady.. I’m going to keep him.

Happy Birthday Lucas Blaze!
I love you more than anything!


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  1. happy birthday to him! looks like you all are really in love. wish you the best! :) i, too have pictures of my (now husband) with a guitar that he does not play, lol. i've played for 6 years and he bought one because he wanted me to *teach* him!


  2. Happy Birthday Lucas!! I love reading about you and him, you two really seem like the perfect couple!!

  3. Happy Birthday Lucas!! Such a cute post!

  4. That photo with the fireworks going off is really cool.


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