Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just ignore it?

Don’t you love when something really offends you and people tell you to “ignore it”?
Personally, I ignore that person who tells me to “ignore” something that obviously sucked.
Have you ever ignored something really big? Did it later come back and smack you in the face?
If it didn’t.. You were lucky. Really lucky. I have never been that lucky.

My advice to you? Deal with it. Think about it. Don’t ignore it.
Get all of your wondering out now. One day it will catch up to you.
You’ll be trying to go to sleep and all of a sudden…
You’ll remember that boy who wouldn’t “go out” with you in 3rd grade.
Or that girl who bought 4 of the same shirts you already wore.

**On a serious note, real quick**
I’m making light on the whole thing because I’m not going to make this post serious. I was going to write this post about things I ignored and they ended up catching up with me. It was going to be a serious post.. I however don’t have the balls to talk about all of that stuff publically. I can say that had I of just faced the situation and spent time thinking in depth.. I probably wouldn’t find myself awake at night trying to grasp something that is so far in the past. I probably wouldn’t of dated so many assholes and I probably would be a much better girlfriend to my boyfriend.. even though he wouldn’t agree with me saying that. He’s the only reason I am where I am as a person. I thank god for him.
**Back to the post.. sorry.**

Once you’re done not ignoring whatever upset you.. learn to laugh at it.
Sometimes it may just be someone trying to upset you..
Even if they don’t succeed.. laugh at them.

Not so serious examples? Ready, Set… go!

There is a site where Bloggers bash other Bloggers.
I found this site after a few bloggers mentioned it.. I went to the site and I couldn’t stop reading.
If these people from that site saw MY blog they would rip it to pieces. (Not a challenge by the way).
These people talk shit about some of my daily reads. I kept reading because it was so crazy to me…
Then I read that one of the shit talking “blogger” has a blog for book and movie reviews.
Yet she’s talking shit about lifestyle blogs and how they have boring lives…
At this moment.. I laughed.

When Lucas & I announced our relationship publically, our exes went really insane.
His called him gay. Pretended she was with him even when he was with me..
Once we were out of town and she faked that she hung out with him and blah blah.
Our exes together called me fat. And we had rumors about a love child we had when I was 15.
I had death threats against me and against him. My parents made Luke promise to watch out for me.
Luckily a restraining order stopped mine. And we just laughed at the desperate, obsessive girl.
After all the drama from our exes.. we were a much stronger couple.
Not ignoring made it go away. It also made us who we are now. Happy and in love.

People insult Audrina Patridge to me, or so that I’ll see.
I look just like the girl. You’re so cleaver.
But, not ballsy enough to insult me. Fail.

Minus the bad boob job and the weird eyes. The girl is hot.
Can I say that? Is that weird? Whatever.
But, anyone who says Audrina isn’t smoking hot..
Has some really bad jealousy issues. Yikes.

Some people tell me I’m a very sensitive person.
If you really make me mad, I cry. People see this as weakness.
I’m willing to bet my life I’m stronger than 99% of girls my age. But, I don’t feel the need to prove myself.
I don’t need to tell people what I’ve been through just so they can seem I’m not sensitive.
So I’ll play the sensitive card to get whatever I want. I can wrap anyone around my finger.
If you can’t see my strength.. I’ll laugh while I pretend to be sensitive and you treat me like a princess.
Judge a book by the cover and you’ll never get the best of the book.

Most girls hate me.
They also haven’t said a single word to me. I apparently look like a bitch.
I get that often. I also get people telling me how shocked they are that I’m nice.
It’s now funny to me. I straight up tell me people.. “Yes, I look like a bitch. I know”..
After all girls judge other girls based off looks so I’ll laugh and take it as a compliment.

At the end of the day.. you can either keep ignoring something or you can laugh about it.
If someone wants to hurt you.. you obviously know that they’re not as good as you.
Laugh it off. If someone was a better person than you, they’d never bring that to your attention.

No one ever said ignoring is the best medicine, did they?


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  1. Oh, I can't stand it when people say someone "looks" like a snob, bitch, brat, slut, etc! I always get that I look "stuck up" when the truth is, i've known too many stuck up people and choose not to be around them-but where does that leave me if people assume i'm that way, too?! Usually, as soon as I open my mouth, whoever it is realizes i'm far from a brat, but I still hate that first impression that I can't control! So, I hear ya! Also-You don't look like a bitch to me :)

  2. I have what I call resting bitch face. Lol. It's where I look like a complete bitch if I'm big smiling. So people think I'm a bitch. Oh well! Lol. If they got to know me, they'd know I'm really not. So I know how you feel! And it took me awhile to realize that some of those pictures were you, not just Audrina. =). Have a great day!

  3. I'm sensitive, too. But being sensitive I think just means we're human (or girls?). But anyway, I HATE when someone tells me to ignore someone! It makes me feel like they either don't understand or don't care. It's not that easy. And that's messed up about Audrina. She is gorgeous and so are you!

    I'm really trying to ignore what you said about the website. I don't want to know. I really don't. But I do. I really really do.

  4. I love this Mandy!
    I always get called a bitch, apparently one can just "look" bitchy?
    I guess we just look to damn good to be approached hahah!
    I always hear "Wow you're so nice, I didn't think you'd be like this" and my response is always the same.... "How would you even know without talking to someone...?"
    As for this bashing blog, I'm not thrilled about it either, i've never personally seen it but I've heard about the degrading posts, photos and all sorts of hate that they're been putting on it. Shame shame.

    Love ya girl


  5. i seriously cannot get over how much you look like her! minus the ceiling eyes and bad boob job, lol. and even with the bad boob job and ceiling eyes she is way more gorgeous than i am.


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