Thursday, September 6, 2012

It’s Ok….

Its Ok Thursdays

That after a long break from this link-up, I’m back!

That after 3 years I still worry about what to get Luke for his Birthday.

To put too much creamer in your coffee.

That I haven’t been able to do the Inspire Me link up.. My first week was so great! Wah. Next week.

To delete everyone on twitter that was quoting Bill Clinton last night.

To cry over the fact that I may never be able to wear contacts for more than a few hours.

That I’m putting off cleaning the house. I work well under pressure.

To be sick of explaining why my classes haven’t started yet. Private College = 5 less weeks than a University.

To me mad that I wasn’t informed that I’m on the Deans List. Come on school! Tell me these things!

That I did a fab job of sucking at making breakfast for Luke yesterday.. he loved it though.

To prefer to write things down than to type them. I like writing. Actually love writing.

To be over all of these “big girl” responsibilities I’ve had this week.

That I regret ever wanting to grow up. Now I just want to stay young forever.


I also wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my lovely Mom & Dad! Miss you guys!!

Yes, that’s little me. Baby out of wedlock. Judge me.



  1. _ i put to much creamer in my coffee too, that's what makes it good. And I've not linked up with the "inspire me' link up either.. oops. Next week we will both be there! Right there with ya on the 'growing up' portion.. why does it always looks so nice from the other side of things? :) Happy Thursday!

  2. Typing will never ever replace writing for me. Never ever.


  3. Happy anniversary to your parents!

  4. LOOOOVE writing and prefer it over typing too- that's why despite ipads/iphones/whatever I still have to have my's an obsession. Great job on making the Deans list girl! Awesome :)


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