Monday, September 3, 2012

I Just Blog.

It’s lame that I took a picture just to show you where I’m typing this post. Don’t judge.
I don’t really like being alone. I spent a total of 5 hours cleaning the house.
I attempted to grocery shop. That was a nightmare. Too many screaming children.
Too many pushy adults who couldn’t control their screaming children.

My next door neighbors keep walking outside and looking over. It annoys me so much.
Only because they think their badass by calling the police on me for having 3 people over.
Excuse me.. they thought someone was breaking into my house. Really? Sitting on my patio?!
Lately they’ve been having loud annoying people over late at night. It makes me want to pay them back.
Especially since the guy used to watch me while I’d lay out. Yes, I saw him. No, I no longer lay out.
Sometimes I feel like I don’t blog the way I should. I think because I know people don’t care about this stuff.
The random stuff. The things that just come to mind while I’m sitting on my patio.
Being a “great blogger” means you have to plan posts. Not just type as you think.
Maybe that’s why I’m okay with not being a good blogger. I just blog.
I don’t try to be interesting or funny.. I just blog.
Lately I’ve been finding it hard to write a post. There are so many rules.
There are so many little things that keep people interested.
Sometimes, I don’t want to write about the things people want me to write about.
Sometimes I just want to keep typing and publish it when I’m done.

If I’m going to have a “lifestyle” or “personal” blog.. why do I need to please anyone but me?
I love all my readers. But, I need to start writing when I want and writing what I want.
I’m sorry if sometimes I may not be interesting.. But, I’ll always be real.
I’ll always be me.
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  1. Ew you should definitely get that creep back! Ya, I know I don't blog right. I would love to have a blog that everybody reads, but it's unfortunate I never know what to blog about. If you get any suggestions let me know! I think your blog is awesome though, I love reading randomness (:

  2. Good Post! You know when I started this whole blogging thing, I was doing it for just certain things, but now as I am writing and publishing, I realize that I don't want it to be about one certain thing I want it to be about me and my life! And whole bunch of randomness! I really enjoyed reading this post. :)

  3. You should without a doubt get payback on that creeper. I do not blog right either but that is ok by me because I do not blog to please others I blog to please me & to keep a semi journal of my life as it is. & I love your blog post :)

  4. gah people are such creeps, I used to layout but now I never do, because the creepy weirdos of the neighborhood love to look annoying. I love your blog and I definitely love reading your twitter updates :)

  5. What in the world! They called the COPS?? That's absurd -.- And I feel the saaame way as you. When I first started blogging I felt like I had to please all these people, and when I started blogging for me I lost some followers but I enjoy blogging much better. Who cares if we're the only ones that like our blogs? haha

  6. What a creep your neighbor is! You should go to the pet shop & buy a squrriel ( if pet shops sell them - if not lure 1 in ) & teach it to be stealth & ninja like for fun then have it jump the fence night after night ruining your neighbors life. You & mr./mrs. Squrriel can High five because they'd never know it was yours. I took that alittle far, sorry.

    I think every now & then ( when you feel it ) a post about what you want is great. Your readers will get a chance to know you and the things you blog when it's not a personal post. I hope you had a great weekend!

  7. I hear you girl! And it's totally not lame that you took that pic - I actually think it's really cool! I go through times like you're having every so often too. Sometimes I just feel so pressured to continue to do more of what everyone is expecting, but I do notice the moment I branch out from that, people tend to perk up! So you really never know what's going to happen! But blog about what makes YOU happy, it's the only way it'll keep you going!

    PS your neighbor sounds like a weirdo!

  8. Ummmmmm who ever said that planned posts were fun and what people wanted to read? I think thats the common misconseption about blogging. Most people think that others enjoy reading the planned, scheduled, to the topic posts all that have to do with a lot of the big bloggers. But i think in actuality, most people prefer the random nonsense. I know i do. I only read blogs that are random, and about the bloggers life...not the topic they have had planned a month in advance sitting in Queue waiting to be hit "Published". I read your blog cuz you write about you, your life, and the random things in it, and i love it!

    xoxo Inna

    xoxo Inna :)

  9. I love this. It's so true. It's easy to over think blogging, and then you think about the rules and followers and blah blah blah. Ugh. I enjoy posts like this the most, personally. The ones that are just random thoughts about day to day life. Real life. Not busy, rich, skinny, perfect life posts.

  10. LOVING this post. I can totally relate....but I think you are a great blogger planned posts or not! I like hearing what you have to say :) I enjoy the 'real life' and personal posts more than anything, honestly. What lameo neighbors by the way- creeps! Anndddd I love that picture- looks like the perfect place to blog! :)

  11. I had neighbors like that once. I called the law on them if they did me. The man beat his girlfriend and they would have college parties every other saturday. I would do a little drive by on Saturday and see if they had the party going and if so I would call the cops and they never knew it was me. LOL...

    I love your blog and would love if you followed me.

    Dreams Do Come True @


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