Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday’s Letters!

Dear Readers, Did you know I’m a twin? It’s probably super weird that I’ve never mentioned her..

Dear Cleaning, Sometimes I really love doing you.. (chuckling because I’m so immature). Other times I realize I’m spending far too much try trying to hide the clutter instead of actually getting rid of it.

Dear Followers, Thank you for following! Especially all of you new ones! It’s so strange to me that anyone could force themselves through all of my rambling post. You all are fab!

Dear Eric Church, SIX MORE DAYS! Can’t wait!.. now let’s pray I have the night off…

Dear Lucas Blaze, I love you. I can not wait for Thursday! I’m in need of a fun night!

Dear Birthday, I know you’re not until February.. but, I’m getting excited. I planned on going to Nashville but, now my parents informed me their taking me out of the country a month later (when classes are done)…

Dear Nashville, Oh.. don’t you worry! I will fly in the weekend of my Birthday!!

Dear Flaming Hot Cheetos and Ranch, You were made for each other!!!! YUM!

Dear Breaking Bad, I’m going to start watching you! Boyfriend watched the first episode.. with out me.. even though I told him we should start watching it together.. ANYWAYS, don’t let me down!

Dear 8am Saturday Class, You are going to suck. Especially since I work until 3am tonight…


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  1. MMMM Eric Church! That should be super good. I've never had hot cheetos and ranch but hot cheetos and nacho cheese are amazeballs together! Have a great weekend!

  2. BREAKING BAD IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! seriously. i love it that much. my boyfriend starting watching it and suckered me into watching it and its fantastic!!!! i'm sure it wont let you down! let me know how much you like it!!!

  3. You two look incredibly similar even in your poses... almost like mirror images of each other.

  4. 8am Saturday class?! Who comes up with this stuff? Honestly. I hope you can still manage to have a great weekend despite least you have some cool stuff to look forward to! :-)


  5. Early classes = no bueno! I am right there with you


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