Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday’s Letters



Dear iBooth Photos on every Friday post, I think you fit well. This is the what.. third week in a row? I dig.

Dear Lucas Blaze, How many wedding shows do we watch together?! Why were you so shocked when your parents confirmed my, “the average American wedding is at least $30,000” statement..? Do you mean to tell me that you don’t actually pay attention to those shows?!?!?!

Dear Monday, You are the first day of my crazy schedule. I’m not happy that I will soon be giving up any free time I once had. All for school and work.

Dear Blog Readers, I will ask you at this time to be patient with me through yet another quarter of school. I will do everything in my power to provide you with exciting updates.. don’t hate me if it’s not super often. I do plan on being a little more organized this year.. that way I can get everything I want to get done with the no time that I’ll have in my life.

Dear Current Stress/Anger/Anxiety Level, Please calm down. Don’t let this get to you so much.

Dear Michigan, I hate your weather. I’m freezing. Insanely freezing. AND I feel like crap. You suck.

Dear Mind, You need to have an entire day to clear out. I know I’m probably a crappy body to be stuck in.

Dear Anyone Who Knows How To De-stress, GIVE ME YOUR TIPS… NOW! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING!

Dear iOS 6, I dig you.. well, maybe not a whole lot. But, you’re pretty cool. I don’t really find a whole lot that I’m super crazy about .. but, I guess I’m happy.

Dear Twitter Followers, Sorry about my rants sometimes.. I shouldn’t have a twitter. I always end up regretting it.

Dear Anyone Who Loves Fall Weather, You suck. I dislike you weather choices.

Dear Candy Corn Oreos & M&Ms, YOU ARE FAR TOO YUMMY! I eat you like.. well, candy.

Dear Life, Oh.. you make my head spin sometimes.




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  1. Super cute. Dig the pics too. I liked the iphone update too.. though other then the 'turn by turn directions' I've failed to see the biggie. Hope you find a way to destress... pedicure?? possibly. I always go to the beach & listen to the ocean.. or plug in my ear phones to my phone. Warm bath with wine? Hope you find a way to calm down. :) good luck with school. <3, Amy

  2. Wine or working out always works for me! Or take some 'me time' to read a magazine, go for a walk/run, & breathe! Hope you can destress :)

  3. Running and puppy time always helps me unwind. I actually started taking nice hot baths and they are really helpful!

  4. You are so pretty and your blog is great!
    I am now following u +BlogLovin, follow back?


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