Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday’s Letters!


Dear Friday, You’re here?!? ALREADY?! I have you off of work! But, I must get a lot done.

Dear Self, Be productive.. B-E PRODUCTIVE.

Dear Lucas Blaze, Enjoy your last day of being my lucky number 23! Tomorrow you will be the big old.. 24. Old man. I love you and you have an exciting post all for you tomorrow. Not that you even read my blog.

Dear Michigan State, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!.. I’m really not excited. Even though I wanted to go away to you.. But, I’m pretending I’m excited because it’s boyfriend’s birthday and I’m being a fab girlfriend. An 8pm game hours away from home doesn’t sound like a fab idea.. especially because it’s football. AHHH!

Dear Dreams, Calm your self down. Even when I don’t drink sleepy time tea you’re still a little wacky..

Dear Lifetime Movies, I always watch you at night.. and I get all emotional and pretty much sick to my stomach. Yet I find myself watching you over and over again. And in that moment I realize I’m a stupid girl.

Dear Current Book I’m Reading, I don’t even tell anyone I’m reading you. I already know people would think you sound stupid and not entertaining. I’m not into Twlight and all that crap.. I like realistic stories. Stories that don’t always have a happy ending.. but, it’s real.

Dear Netflix, Thanks for recommending “Stalked: Someone’s Watching” I think I’ll pass considering I’ve been through that. But, in case I ever want to be too scared to sleep again.. I know you’ve got me covered.

Dear Lucas Blaze, Hello again. I just found out that Eric Church will be here October 4th.. You’re at work so I can’t find out if you can get that night covered.. So I bought them.. because you suck at actually finding out if you can get work covered. So happy early birthday.. I bought you Eric Church tickets! You better get work off. Love you!

Dear Eric Church, OH EM GEE! I’m fan girling out right now!.. I haven’t seen you yet! I just recently fell in love with you thanks to Lucas Blaze.. who didn’t even like country music until 2 years ago when I made him take me to the Tim McGraw & Luke Bryan concert.. anyways, yay!

Dear Stubhub, I’m glad you started a rewards program.. too bad it’s now and not two years ago… I added up how much I’ve spent in just one year.. 12 HUNDRED DOLLARS. That’s all hockey tickets. Just from your site.. that doesn’t include ticketmaster.. $1,200 on hockey tickets in ONE season. I’d cry if I know my total from two seasons + concerts…

Dear Lucas Blaze, Last time. Promise! I thought you should know I’m ready for the next step in our relationship.. becoming season ticket holders.

Dear NHL Lockout, You make me cry. Hockey is the only good thing about fall, winter and spring. I’m miserable without hockey. Thanks for the depression.





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  1. Oooohhh Eric Church! Hell yeah. That should be a good show! Loved your letters have a fab weekend!

  2. Ok, seriously. Can we just be friends already?! It's my hubby's bday today, and the awesome wife that I am, lol, I'm taking him to the Badger game, at night. While I'm alright with going to the game, not the biggest night game fan, haha. And I've been on HIS case all week to get us eric church tickets too. Too funny! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. NHL lockout is making me super unhappy as well.

  4. Love it!! And I must admit I love that I follow you on instagram haha
    I totally check out your posts when I wake up in the middle of the night

  5. "I thought you should know I’m ready for the next step in our relationship.. becoming season ticket holders" - you sound like me! my husband asked me if i wanted to go see wicked or did i want nascar tickets...i didn't even have to answer him. i just smiled and he knew that the obvious answer was nascar, lol.

    oh and i used to have a series of crazy dreams and i know this sounds silly, but i started watching the cheesiest of cheesiest happy-go-lucky chick flicks known to mankind. i see you have netflix - check out "prada to nada." after that my dreams were peaceful once again!


  6. OH-MY-GOODNESS!!! i am SO SO SO happy it is FRIDAY!!! this has been the LONGEST and most STRESSFUL week ever!! LoL

    Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  7. $1,200 is a lot of money to spend on hockey tickets

    I didn't know that Stubhub got themselves a rewards program... good for them

  8. I love Lifetime movies. I watch them over and over and over, even though I have already seen them a million times.


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