Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday’s Letters


Dear Facebook Status, I’m so glad you brought out the best in people!


The reply that was cut off said:

“How cute. You attempted to tell me that I was ignorant if I was going to vote for Romney. You failed at that. Then when I mentioned that Obama lovers like to call people voting for Romney names you wanted to act like a hard ass. Well if you want to talk about smart maybe you should realize that it's "YOU'RE ignorant" and not your ignorant. Figure out how to talk before you want to try and insult me. Maybe Google could help you with proper English.”

***P.S my Facebook status was about how I found it annoying that my twitter feed was filled with tweets promoted by Obama when I’m not even following him.

Dear Blog, I want to do something fun with you. I want you to look pretty but, I want you to be super simple. I also don’t feel like spending money for someone to design it. Bare with me though this complete mess.

Dear Nicki Minaj, I love you. You can do what Lady Gagme attempts to pull off. I hate when people compare you to her.. she’s just a Madonna rip off.

Dear Twitter, You are public for a short amount of time. I really wish I didn’t have an ex I had to get a restraining order against, family I disowned but still tires to add me on social networking sites, and I also wish Luke didn’t have a crazy stalker ex as well.

Dear People I don’t want in my life, Why do you want to read my stuff? I hate that I HAVE to have private social networking sites. Can’t you just move on with your life. Especially since I haven’t talked to any of you in OVER 2 years! Please, move on.

Dear Taylor Swift, There is something about you that I really don’t like. I’m not sure what. I know most of your songs because they play every 18 minutes on the radio..  Ugh.

Dear Eyes, Please stop being allergic to contacts. I’m sick of people asking if I’m stoned. I don’t smoke weed so it’s embarrassing to me. I hate glasses. Since my favorite eye doctor, who was the only one in 5 years able to tell that I don’t just have allergies.. I’m allergic to my contact lenses, left my eye doctors office.. I’m back to eye doctors I don’t like and who don’t care if I can’t wear contacts.

Dear Lucas Blaze, I had a really great two days off with you. I’m sorry if my breakfast cooking sucked. I’m also sorry that you won’t admit it sucked. Thanks for always babying me. You’re the best, seriously! I love you! You’re almost an old man.. 24!

Dear Sunburn, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!? AH! You HURT! You’re EVERYWHERE! I can’t remember the last time I had a sunburn. I’m all kinds of confused.

Dear Twitter Followers, Sometimes I forget I have a twitter for a few days and then I tweet obnoxiously kind of on purpose because I find it funny when people unfollow me and then request me a few days later.. maybe I shouldn’t have a twitter for this reason.. but, I’ve had a twitter since Twitter came out.. WAY before anyone I knew had a twitter. So I’ll keep it. Feel free to unfollow me.

Dear Unfollow Tracker, You make it so fun to see who unfollows me on Twitter and Instagram. Especially since it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Dear Readers, Sorry for a bunch of annoying nonsense in these letters!




  1. Just found you through the Friday letter link up and GIRL, I hope you blocked that loser who went crazy on your FB status. I can't stand people that try to act cool and insult people through TYPED words.

    I hear you on the social media stuff too, I've had to go private and wish I didn't!!

  2. oh gosh, crazy people on fb!

    New follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Stop by and say hello!

  3. the election definitely brings out the worst in people. people in general just suck! you know who else sucks? taylor swift. i am so with you on that. she just peeves me. like, i cant even. just no. i love your friday letters!

  4. wow wow wow. I will NEVER understand why people like that dumb ass guy feel the need to post their opinion on someone else's status when all they're wanting to do is insult that person and be disrespectful. I guess he's so damn stupid he's completely unaware that you (and everyone else for that matter) could care less about how he feels towards Romney. If he doesn't agree with that you posted he should just keep it to his damn self.

  5. Have a great weekend!! Love your blog! Your newest follower!!

    Xoxo Bunnie :)


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