Monday, September 17, 2012

College, Crying & Sleep.

I’ve been doing this whole college thing for a few years..
Saturday was my first college tailgating experience. Not kidding.
I enjoyed every single second of it. Oh, yes I did.




I guess I won’t go into a whole lot of tailgating details since I’ll probably bore all of you.

However.. I will show off my new Sodastream…

BAM. Yes. 330am.. after the game.. Lucas calls me while he’s at the grocery store and tells me to stay awake.
He claimed he was worried about falling asleep.. He asked me if I wanted to know the Sodastream flavors..
Honestly, I didn’t think anything of it. Anytime we go to the store I mention how badly I want one.
I never actually look at one because I know that I’ll buy it. He goes on about the flavors..
As usual I remind him that I wouldn’t mind if he bought me one. He laughs as usual and says, “OOOK Bubba.”

But, then 15 minutes later he tells me to come to the door. I’m annoyed at this point.
I’m exhausted. My head is throbbing. I drag myself out of bed. Open the door..
He’s standing there with the biggest smile and his hands behind his back.. Then he shows me the surprise.
I held it together for about 5 minutes before crying my eyes out. Which he couldn’t understand..

And.. if you can’t understand it either you’ve obviously have never been surprised with something you really wanted.

I love my Sodastream! I went out and bought so much to go with it. It’s amazing. Buy one, now.


A lot of you asked me about Sleepytime tea…
No, I don’t make a crazy drink that knocks me out instantly.
It really is just tea. I just use the kcups and put bags in it as well..
Add a little honey & lemon juice and it’s super fab!

If you don’t like tea but are looking for safer sleep aid..
try the Bob Marley drinks! Yes, they work!

Hopefully it’ll help some of you sleepless bloggers!


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  1. I love tailgating!! Lucas was s o sweet to surprise you!!

  2. I seen on IG that he got it for you! He is such a sweet boyfriend & I think its too cute that you cried awe I just love you two together!I cannot wait to meet you both in February...

  3. I got a Soda Stream for my birthday last year and absolutely love it!

  4. You may have just convinced me to buy a soda stream. Also I'm gonna take your advice and buy some sleepy time tea... I can sure use a good nights sleep.

  5. I go to a school where we don't have tailgating or big games or anything, but I went to a game at a college that did, and it was so much fun! Such a great experience.

    <3 Melissa

  6. let me know what you think about the soda stream. I have been wanting one.

    Dreams Do Come True

  7. ok well Im an old married hag and I STILL love tailgates just like I did back in the day ha! Looks like fun! Also, I have heard so much about that sodastream, glad to see you like it and its not a fail! May have to look into that...

  8. Ah!!! I love the sodastream! as well as those Bob Marley drinks! i need those and will probably hoard the bottles! so cute..wonder what makes you relaxed :P the vanilla honey tea is honestly the best!!!!!

  9. As someone who was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, I will not tell you what I think of Michigan State's football abilities.


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