Monday, August 27, 2012

Why so serious?

This photo was taken at the tiger’s game Saturday night.

I think it’s so cute simply because it’s so not serious.

And it’s so us.

We’re weird.

Weird enough to scare away all my followers..

Or entertain them a lot..

However.. If you have ever noticed..
Lucas never smiles in pictures.

If he is smiling.. there’s an 80% chance I told him..

The after I ask.. “Did you smile?!?”
He always say yes.. and then I look and he’s not smiling or he’s making a funny face.

But, whatever.. I’ll keep him.

I’m just getting home from work though..
I need to get some sleep after this weekend.
Spending the day tomorrow shopping with my mom.

Law & Order SVU now.. weekend recap later!

Hope you all had the best weekend!

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  1. haha! i loved this :) this is totally like my bf too!!

    Jen xxx

  2. Haha. At least he'll make a funny face! Mine won't even let me take pictures. And you two are just so cute together!

  3. Same here! My boyfriend either just gives a dead stare to the camera (or me!) like "why are you making me be in this picture?" Or, he will make a face. When I do get him to smile, and I am like "hallelujah!" he finds something to not like about the picture. MEN! Ugh! Have a good day : )


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