Friday, August 31, 2012

On Fridays We Write Letters!

Dear Lucas, Thank you for the surprise you brought me at 3am Wednesday night. Sorry I wouldn’t wake up, as always. Also, thank you for checking on that kitty I saw. AND I’m sorry that when we were having iBooth photo fun, you spilt your protein shake EVERYWHERE. Actually, I’m not sorry because you were so mad, you called my picture taking stupid. But, thanks for watching The Lucky One with me!

Dear Truck, Look how clean you are! You are welcome! Thanks for hiding so many fab things I forgot about!

Dear GSHOCK, I FOUND YOU!!! YAY!! Truck was hiding you. Silly truck.

Dear Football Jersey, I LOVE YOU! Why can’t hockey jerseys be like this. I feel super cute wear you!

Dear Tuna Fishing Show I’m Watching, Why am I watching you? I’m hooked.. Dang, I guess Lucas finally got me hooked on all his favorite channels.

Dear Weird Dreams Last Night, I woke up really confused because of you. I had a babysitting watching our 5 children.. Lucas and I were at this place that had a bunch of pools. The babysitter kept calling. And I kept asking Lucas to google stuff for me. And the babysitter set a curfew for us.

Dear Restless Leg Syndrome, I really believe I have you. I have annoyed Luke so badly with my running while laying down, stretching and walking around once we finally get all comfy.

Dear Man Woman Wild Show, Or whatever you’re called… I’m enjoying you since the Tuna Fishing show ended.

Dear Work, I don’t want to do you tonight. WAH.

Dear Mom, Your picture taking skills crack me up! We have the same phone but you insist my phone won’t work for you.

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  1. Because I'm too lazy to edit the post (writing on a different program and then editing it on blogger is a hot mess) I meant babysitter* not babysitting..

  2. I definitely think I have Restless Leg Syndrome too! I do the same exact thing :)

  3. ahh, moms and phones. and the weird dreams. i have had nothing but this week, don't know WHAT is up. happy labor day weekend! :)

  4. hahaa your dream sounds super weird!!

  5. That dreams sounds interesting! Isn't it irritating how our men can get us hooked on their shows but they really don't want to watch ours?!? The things we do for love. Ohhhh and I loved your title! =)

  6. Great letters Amanda! Love the name by the way. LOL My hubby thinks he has RLS, doesn't sound fun at all! Hope you had a great weekend! xxoo


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