Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet this FABULOUS Girl on a Mission!

Well hello there lovelies!

I am sure I am not the only one here who enjoys reading Mandy's blog! Right?! Didn't think so. So I am very grateful that you'll all take the time to learn about little ol' me :)
This is Meeeeeee!
Well truth be told, I'm fat. Got your attention now? [Don't let that picture deceive you] I'm also outspoken, silly, outgoing, optimistic, loving, funny, addicted to music and dancing and a 26 year old hopeless romantic. But enough about me, we're here to talk shop, er... BLOG!

Over at my blog, that's what it's all about. No no, I don't talk about what it's like to be fat. I talk about how I am getting un-fat, if that's a way to put it [haha]. My blog is all about my life and my weight loss journey. At the start I was 80 lbs overweight! I discuss the struggles, the gripes and complains, the good days, the progress, all of it. I've currently lost 25 lbs and looking to lose 55 more [progress pictures]. The point of my blog is not only to have accountability for myself but also I have hopes to inspire one more person to make a smart life choice for themselves.

If along the way I can make you laugh, cry [happy tears], dance, roll your eyes, or sing then that's a bonus!! I truly am here to ask you to read my blog, subscribe, draw inspiration, change your life, or share it with someone who needs the motivation or a push to change their life. ALSO there may be an opportunity to win some FREE SHIT in the next couple days on my blog. Sooo why not come check it out?
I dare you


  1. Love the honesty! Thanks for sharing! I am off to check out her blog! :)

  2. Found you through Pretty Little Endevours! Love your post, your honesty.. your newest follower! Can't wait to hear more on your progress!!


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