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Inspire Me: Healthy!

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I wish I would of known about this link-up last week..
But, that’s okay. Gives me yet another link-up to shove in your face.

Once upon a time.. I was heavier than I am today.
A lot heavier than I am today.
I was not happy with my weight.. pretty much ever.
It may sound pathetic.. but I was insecure until I started dating Lucas.
He pretty much made me feel stupid for thinking anything was wrong with my body.
I remember one time complaining to him about how my size 0 self was FAT. He actually said to me, “I don’t need to tell you that you’re not fat. Look at yourself. If you say that YOU’RE fat, you’re just fishing for compliments and I’m not going to give into that.” At first, I thought he was such an asshole. I thought maybe he thought I was fat. I kid you not, I wasn’t fishing for compliments.. I felt fat. Him being realistic with me.. it made me wake up and realize I was being crazy. I was used to constantly getting, “Oh my god.. you’re not fat.. you’re so skinny!!!”
I questioned mentioning that because I know I’ve told some people about it and they thought it was a rude comment. To be honest, he knew that the only way I’d ever be happy is if I was happy with myself. He knew that him telling me his thoughts were not going to change my mind about myself. I needed to change how I felt about myself first. Today.. I’m honestly happy with me. He has no issue telling me 100 times a day how beautiful he thinks I am.
On with this journey…
15 year old me…

16 Year Old Me…

I’m on the left.

The summer that I was 16 was kind of.. different I guess.
My ex and I broke up right before homecoming (he still took me)..
I think maybe that started my weight loss…

Then I got mono.

And as soon as mono was gone..
I got my wisdom teeth out (The day before Christmas eve)

Lots of no eating.

Once I turned 17.. I wasn’t happy with myself. I dated guys who treated me like crap..

By the time I turned 18.. I was so unhappy with myself.

My family all took notice. I constantly was questioned about my eating.

Don’t mind my eye.. being allergic to my contacts suck. Haha.

So then.. The day of my prom.. I found out the guy I was dating for a year wasn’t going to take me to prom..
so that was just even more of a reason for me not to eat.

Yes.. I look awful because I cried for hours before I had to leave.
Then I went on vacation and just stopped eating as long as I could.

I’m now 20 years old..


I’ve been noticing a few extra pounds that have been put on.
No. I am not fat. At all. I don’t think that. I swear.

But, I just want to get back in shape.
I want to eat healthy.
I want to be healthy.

I started using Myfitnesspal.
It’s this amazing website that allows you to interact with other people trying to diet, get fit, lose a lot of weight, lose a little weight… people trying to get healthy! It allows you to track all of your food for the day and to track your work out. It’s been the motivation that I’ve needed to stick to working out and eating right.
Feel free to add me and we can keep each other motivated!

Next week I plan to share more of my plan next week.
But, the fab thing with myfitnesspal is you can check my food diary to see what I eat every day!
I honestly encourage everyone to join. It’s an amazing community!


Sorry for such an amazingly long post!

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  1. you basically did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what i did- when i was 18, i was MISERABLE- hated my life, hated my boyfriend who i decided to live with for another 3 years, etc etc etc.. anyway, i ballooned up from my normal high school weight of 137 to 190 lbs!!! which led to some very unhealthy, life threatening, i have to lose weight NOW habits... luckily, though, in my old age (27! hehe) i've become MUCH healthier, and weigh significantly less (less than i did in high school- booyah!)...

    just thought i'd share.. i think you look great! and i may just have to check out that app (:

  2. You look great doll! And I think that what he said is a great thing. That's awesome of him. Now I have a weird question. ... When you lost weight did you lose your boobs? I have huge ones and I'm trying to lose weight and I'm gonna be sad if they go. lol.

    Be proud of yourself because you look hot! Yes sir yes sir.

  3. Amanda Nichole I do not ever wanna hear you say that you are fat! You are crazy to say that or to think it missy! If only I was as tiny as you I would be one happy camper, no lie! You are super tiny I promise Lucas Blaze is very honest with you! I think I love him a little more every day being with you! You two are like two peas in a pod :) Understand & know that those whom truly love & care for you will love whom you are as a person inside verses what you look like outside! Be proud of yourself & who you are sweet girl :) ps on a fun note be jealous I will be in Nashville not this coming week but the next! cannot wait until February to meet you :)

  4. I am by no means nearly as skinny as you are, but you can be skinny and be unhealthy and be bigger and be healthy. good for you to aim for being healthier. you look great though!

  5. Thank you for sharing such a personal story! I can totally understand where you're coming from. Myfitnesspal is a great site! I use Daily Burn and I love it. I feel like something like that holds you accountable so it makes you want to be in shape more!

    You are so beautiful btw!

  6. What a inspiring & emotional story!! I am so thankfull that you shared & I found your link (through Messy.Dirty.Hair). I'm also glad I found a link up for weight loss support. It's such a big topic with our society pushing us to be so skinny. I'm a new reader for sure!!

  7. I am so glad I found your blog through Kelly & the giveaway! I will for sure be looking into "My Fitness Pal", Your story is very inspirational and I'm glad to have been directed here... Definitely a new folower! :)

    <3 Melissa

  8. I found your blog through messy dirty hair as well and am a new follower. I'm excited to read more of your posts and I think it's awesome you shared your story with us all. I hope you are on the road to healthy fitness and eating habits! :) please come check out my blog some time

  9. Thanks for sharing your story! :) Being healthy is a great goal & I'm sure you are well on your way!


  10. New follower! Loving the blog & what a great post :)

  11. So glad you shared! Stay healthy, girl!:)

  12. Such a great story! You look great, I wish I had a body like yours. Some day! Idk - I decided my new goal is to lose a bunch of weight before the Summer ends. We'll see how that goes though

  13. I've been this girl. I didn't really LOVE me until my 20's and met my now husband. I wish you well on your quest to healthy.

  14. So glad that you donated to Kelly's giveaway so I had a reason to find you! I'm also skinny but it's b/c of a fast metabolism. I'm gaining a bit now that I'm 21 and I honestly think I'm just getting more a woman shape if that makes sense. I thought I was getting fat and then I looked in the mirror and realized I still look the same. My hips are just wider and there's 5 more lbs on the scale but that's okay!

    I also think it's fine that you're on myfitnesspal to track your eating and exercise...even though you're not fat. Fitness isn't just for fat people!!

    Anyway, following along now :)

  15. Omg and I just realized you're in Nashville. I'm from Memphis! Ahh doubly glad to follow you now!

    ALso, a blogger meetup is gonna be planned in the next couple of months in Memphis so when I have more details and can tell you, I really hope you can make it!

  16. Thanks to Kelly for sending me here. I struggled with not eating in high school and my first year of college too. I was just not hungry and never had time with all the things I was involved in. Great post and really happy you shared your story.

  17. Best of luck getting back to the weight you want to be at. I think you are GORGEOUS just the way you are!

    Thanks for linkin up!


  18. great post! Hopefully you get to the weight you want, and that makes you %110 happy all the time!
    found you via the give away =)

  19. I love this, you're gorgeous!


  20. Hi!!! Love your blog, I'm a new follower sent by Messy.Dirty.Hair... Thanks for participating in her AWESOME giveaway! :-) God bless!


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