Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get It Together

Recently I made the very obvious observation that my life is very unorganized.

I am very unorganized.

I’m currently aligning my text to the left because I read it makes a blog “readable”.
I think my blog is readable when it’s centered, right?
Don’t answer that.
I enjoy it when it’s centered.
But, I am willing to try new things. Like this. Wah.

Okay.. come on.
Let’s get on with this get it togetherness.
I decided to make an effort to get more organized.

Thanks to Pinterest and my printer.. I may just be able to get organized!
Or so I hope.

I found some awesome FREE printables!

PLEASE NOTE: NONE of these are mine. I hope to one day make my own.
But the following are from other blogs. Click on the picture to go to that blog!
Because most of them have many other awesome organizing printables!


weekly cleaning chart-mine
^You can make your own customized lists on this site!

^ These were my favorite!


As I said, I do plan on making my own.
I’m sure they wont be super fab..
But, when I make them I’ll obviously share them!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
I’ll be going to my first NFL game!!
Preseason, I don’t care.

Maybe next time my text will be centered.
But, for now…

To the left, to the left…


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  1. LOL funny you should say that about the text allignment! I sometime allign my text to the left to make it look more organized. It's weird because when I do, I feel so out of my comfort zone. I guess that's a good thing though. Great ideas by the way!!

  2. Love that cleaning one! I normally just wake up and tackle whichever is the dustiest,haha. Have so much fun at the game!!

  3. Gahhhh....I just love you! And this blog. I've had a terrible day and you made me smile. :). And thanks for the organization sites. I definitely need to visit those sites. Have fun at the game. I def can't wait to go to a Cowboy game!!

  4. oh lovely! I just went to my first preseason game for the'd think I'd been after living here for first was a Tampa Bay v. Detroit...over 10 years ago!
    Those designs for organization seem like fun! As soon as I can, I will make sure to get my work life organized....and it needs a lot of organization!

    xo Andie
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  5. This is seriously so cute! Love this post! I'm so unorganzied lately as well... I guess it doesn't help if you're a shopping addict, hoarder, and FT worker?! LOL



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