Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday’s Letters!

Dear New Purchases, Lions and Tigers and Bears.. Oh my!..
P.S I don’t like the Chicago Bears.. I just bought the jersey. Not kidding.

Dear Room, LOOK AT HOW CLEAN YOU ARE! You’re looking spiffy! Still a lot of work to do.. but so far so good!

Dear Eyes, Please stay open long enough to finish this post!

Dear Half Birthday, You were yesterday!! Yay! Happy Half Birthday to me!!

Dear Readers, I don’t celebrate my half birthday. I didn’t even realize it was my half birthday.. BUT, that means 6 more months until I’m back dancing in my cowboy boots in NASHVILLE!

Dear Lucas Blaze, The other day you asked me why I’ve excluded you for a while from my Facebook photo.. Which was kind of cute since you’re not a jealous dude.. you must finally be used to my obsession with you me constantly showing affection.  Now I want to know why is your Facebook picture a picture of us.. on Christmas!? 8 months ago! Please tell me you’re not going to be one of those leave our Christmas lights up all year round kind of people..

Dear Body, Please stop acting like you’re falling apart. Also, if you’re getting sick.. you better get better by the time I wake up tomorrow!

Dear Pizza Rolls, Your home in is the freezer and not in my belly.. remind me if I try and change that.

Dear Back, I know you’re on your 5th year of paying me back for hurting you.. but last night you started hurting so bad I couldn’t breathe. I was not a fan of that. You need to slow your roll.

Dear Life, Sometimes I really wonder why everything has to be so stressful all at once. I just want everything to work out and I just want everything to be fine. You don’t need to test my strength every single day.

Dear Friday Letters, I’m cutting you short. I’m seriously either getting really sick and it’s hitting me hard right now… or I’m having some kind of allergic reaction.. Not really sure.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. you bought a bears jersey!???

    i don't even know what to say to you right now....

    where are you from in michigan?

  2. Cool blogpost! Loved your blog,followed you! Please follow me back at:

    Asmita <3

  3. i have seen a lot of these Friday letters since I've started blogging but this one's my favorite! makes me want to write my own! Love your blog :) lol on the pizza rolls !!

  4. Oh no!! Hope you're not getting sick. It always seems like I get sick at THE worst possible time!! Not good. Love your Friday letters! :)

  5. I did some major cleaning, too. :) Stopping by via last weeks Letters. Come over and visit mine. ;)

  6. Nashville is pretty much the best city ever :)

  7. I hope you start feeling better!

  8. Dear Eyes, Please stay open long enough to finish this post!
    This has been me ALL week.. ughhh and life throwing all this stress at us at once! I hope it slows its roll for both of us. :)


  9. Oh no hope you feel better today!! Sometimes you just can't fight the eyes and have to go to sleep :)


  10. Love your letters gorgeous!! Sorry I havent commented in a long time, been totally neglecting the interwebs this summer!

    LOVE your blog always!



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