Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday’s Letters..

Dear Life, I mean.. come on. Why are you making everything so damn hard?! WAH!

Dear Followers, DANG! Love you! I remember when I had 131.. I was stuck there for a long time.. Not that I check my follower count or anything.. that would make me self absorbed or something?.. anyways.. I’m more than 100 followers more than that point that I thought I was just done gaining followers… Don’t laugh at me you big shot bloggers.. !

Dear Idea To Color My iPhone Charger With A Red Sharpie, You were fab.. until I realized the color was fading.. well no, it was probably a bad idea once I realized it was all over my hands and anything it rubbed against.

Dear Link-ups, I’m sorry but I need to start neglecting you.. like now. I have no post of my own anymore. You all seem way too much fun.. and I can’t say no. I must try and resist. Maybe two a week shall be my limit? Ah! Must. Start. Planning. Now!

Dear Starbucks Lovers, Let me tell you.. you’re in luck!! Sponsoring Kelly over at Messy.Dirty.Hair has been absolutely fabulous. She’s the nicest girl I’ve ever sponsor.. She put together this amazing group giveaway that I and some of her other fab sponsors participated in.. Check it out because there is a LOT to offer!!! Good Luck!!! SO jealous of whoever wins!

Dear Dude Mind Of Mine, It would be so much easier to have someone else help edit my blog layout.. but, of course not. You must do it yourself. Do you know how to do all of that fancy stuff? Nope. Will you sit there, struggle, half-ass read how-to posts, keep attempting and get frustrated until you nail it? Yup.

Dear Bedroom, I thought I started cleaning you a few days ago?

Dear I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Show, Hmm… more like, “I ignored all signs that I was pregnant”…

Dear Darkness, You’re pretty damn terrifying. When I have to turn off all the main floor lights and go up 20 stairs to my room.. You make me remember every single horror movie, every single crime show.. and at that moment when you’re at you’re darkest.. I start realizing I have a lot of places for a killer to hide and he was probably waiting for me to turn off all the lights. Now I’m that dumb girl running upstairs..

Dear Honey Nut Cheerio I just ate, Way to be stale.

Dear Friday, I HAVE YOU OFF!! WITH MY DUDE! Yes! I get to have a Friday night! With my dude!

Dear Lucas Blaze, Sorry I keep calling you “my dude” lately.. Yeah, it’s got to stop. But, maybe it wont. I’m also glad that we’re getting through all the stupid crap we’ve been dealing with. Hopefully today goes as planned.

Dear Hormones, You’re a little wacky lately. And by a little I mean insanely. Calm down.

Dear New Followers, Yay! You are all so fab! Thanks for following! Love you already!

Dear Sudden Motivation to Clean, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


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  1. Your letters are so creative! I always enjoy reading and I relate to so many! GREAT Job, keep it up :-)

  2. Ah I know I have had a bunch of bad luck lately too. You are pregnant, congrats! :)

  3. Oh no about the red sharpie - good idea, but sometimes they just dont work out! Be careful not to wear white clothes or you might get some freaky stains in freaky places eeeuw sorry had to throw that in!

  4. Hahahaa....I'm pretty sure I could have written (almost) all of these letters myself! You crack me up. Hormones - what the hell, right!? My favorite letter of yours: I didn't know I was pregnant. Uhhh...seriously?

    Following you, for sure!

  5. love all the starbucks being given away at Kelly's blog too!!!

    Have a great weekend!! Stop by and say hi!

  6. Exactly with that "I didn't know I was pregnant" show! How do you even MISS that?

  7. What?! There is an "I didn't know I was pregnant show?" Like for real? I'm going to have to check that one out LOL.

  8. your letters were so funny! and check amazon for coloured iphone accessories to avoid the sharpie issue!

  9. I totally agree about the "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show. I seriously don't understand how that gets by people! I'm a new follower :)

  10. Oh man, that "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show is INSANE!

  11. LOL at you colouring in your charger! That's totally something I would do! :O
    Also, I agree, how the heck do you miss that you are pregnant!? I have never BEEN pregnant, but surely it's not that hard to figure it out!? o.O


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