Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eskimo cold.

I spent my Saturday morning at Luke’s work softball tournament.
First game was at 10am. An hour away. So I figured..
Hey, it’s summer I’ll be outside all day I should dress for summer..
Oh those clouds? I bring a zip up in case I need a hood.


It was about 50 out. I wore shorts and flip flops!
It was raining all morning! I had to but Luke’s zip-up over mind and still was soaked.

Finally Luke’s parents showed up and his mom took me to Walmart.
We both we clearly not found of this place but it didn’t matter. I was cold.
So I found yoga pants, socks, and tennis shoes..
His mom ended up buying them for me which I wasn’t happy about.
I always feel bad when people buy me stuff.

But, I was much warmer! Walmart clothes, yee-haw!

I don’t really have a post for today but I thought I’d show you all a little throw back…
Made my senior year of high school.. This was the best class ever.
Don’t be jealous of my insane singing on a piano skills.


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  1. Lol I wish my senior class made fun videos like this to look back on! Love it - haha my mom and grandparents BOTH like shopping for grocerys at Walmart. It's my least favorite store so when I go with, I spend hours in the tiny clothes section in attempt to find cute clothes. It never happens. I try though!

  2. That is awesome! We didn't even have cell phones my senior year, so a video like this was out of the question. Haha. As for Walmart, I bought a dress with red flowers and a little rosette bib because I wanted to "try" some red in my wardrobe without investing much, and I have gotten more compliments on that dress than you would believe! It's not the clothes that make the girl, it's the girl that makes the clothes ;)


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