Sunday, July 15, 2012

If you really knew me…

I’m taking absolutely no credit for this.
I’m copying Ashley, who copied Jenni.. who copied Kristin.
It’s an awesome idea for a post. I couldn’t resist.
I’ll let you know that I asked my lovely dude to help me with this….
”Hey Luke.. tell me some facts about myself”
*As he’s distracted with some stupid show he’s making me watch he answers…
Lucas- “You have brown hair. You’re a girl. You have a period once a month… what are these questions for?”
Lucas- ”You’re making a new blog?”
”No. A blog post.. “If you really knew me, you’d know..””
Lucas- “You have stinky farts. Yeah! Put that! Will you?”
…Isn’t he so romantic? I’m glad I can show off to all of you readers.
“If you really wanted to know something about someone what would you ask?”
Luke- “What kind of question is that? Not that I don’t want to answer that but.. I don’t even know how to answer that.. I mean really! How am I suppose to answer? How would you answer?”
So.. that idea isn’t working..
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>> I hate sleeping. Yet, I hate feeling tired. I wish I had all 24 hours to get things done. I hate sleeping in and getting a late start to my day.. but, I love staying up late because I’m more creative and motivated late at night.
>> I disowned most of my family. You’d also know that I have a little hope that one day they wont be so dramatic and awful.. But, I’ve also realized that the family I have left is all that I need.
>> I’m deathly afraid of snakes. Even seeing a picture of one makes me have a mild panic attack.
>> I have a teeth whitening obsession. I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with how white my teeth are.
>> My friends always make comments about how I’m practically married or how they want to find a guy like Lucas. This makes me so proud because up until Luke, I always dated complete assholes.
>> I love wearing Luke’s clothes. I often buy him stuff just so I can wear it when I need a lazy night.
>> I seem really shy. But, once you start a conversation with me I wont stop talking.
>> People always tell me that until they got to know me they assumed I was a bitch based off of my looks. I used to take offense to it.. but, I don’t anymore. I have an issue showing emotions when I tell a joke or when I’m being sarcastic… and I’m sarcastic ALL THE TIME.. so people that don’t know me well assume I’m just a bitch.
>> I’m not offended easily.. Actually, it’s really hard to offend me. But, for the same reason as above.. people think that if I don’t laugh at everything that I’m upset over it.
>> People also think that I’m a sensitive person. These people are not people that know me really well. I’ve been through a lot. I may not talk about some of the things I’ve been through.. but, I’m a very strong girl. I’m so proud of who I am because of the situations I’ve been put in.
>> I’m allergic to my contacts but I hate wearing my glasses. Red, swollen eyes almost all the time.
>> I hurt my back really bad July 27, 2007.. at Warped Tour. Crowd surfing during Underoath. I was thrown into an empty spot. The girl that fell after me was carried away on a stretcher… I should of went to the hospital but I didn’t. I had to give up 9 years of Dance and Volleyball. 5 years later… my back is still messed up.
>> I cry hysterically when I get really, really mad. I rarely cry when I’m upset or sad.
>> I have ADD/ADHD pretty bad. I was never diagnosed with it until I started college. I always just assumed I couldn’t focus because I didn’t like school.
>> I am a huge perfectionist. To the point that I’d rather not do something than do it less than perfect.
>> As much as I enjoy talking about events in my life… I have the hardest time coming up with facts about me.
>> People constantly comment on how much I look like my mom. I take that as the biggest compliment. I pray that I grow up to be as beautiful and as amazing as she is.
>> I’ve always envied my parent’s relationship. I’m so grateful that I finally found myself in a relationship that reminds me so much of my parent’s relationship.
>> I treat my iPhone like a child. I get anxiety when I’m not holding it.. I wish I was kidding.
>> I suck at texting. I kind of hate texting. I read a text and plan to respond in a few minutes… and then I forget. I also hate talking on the phone most of the time. I feel.. awkward..

Whoa that was a lot of stupid facts about me… most of those you probably knew.. sorry. I suck. I know.
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  1. you are so cute and i love your blog! haha its great!!

  2. If I asked Tim the same question, he'd say the same thing!! Gotta love guys.

  3. I am SO afraid of snakes too. Seriously just writing that word makes me shiver. Ughhh.

  4. The way you are about snakes is how I am about frogs. Nobody ever understands. Sucks! Have a great week!

  5. Totally hear you on the "cry when mad" thing. Mine is overwhelmed. When I start to feel I don't have enough time or have too much on my plate, it's disgusting sobbing. Oh the joys of being an girl :)

  6. Hey there (im #200) love this blog - super super cute and funny!


  7. Sometimes I hate sleeping, and I always hate getting a late start. If I sleep too much or late, I lose my motivation. I also cry, when I am furious!

  8. Hey just started following your blog so I knew none of this! :) I also have stinky farts so I'll most likely stick around just for that reason!


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