Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday’s Letters!!


Dear Mom, Happy Birthday!!!! These pictures were from 2 years ago on your birthday weekend.. in gorgeous Traverse City, Michigan! I’ve been dying to give you all your wonderful gifts I bought you!!! I’m so excited.. and kind of jealous since I totally want them.. all. I’m lucky to have such a fab mom! I love you!!

Dear Back, On this day 5 years ago… I hurt you. You’ve never let me live that down..

Dear Doctor Appointment At 9am, Please allow everything to be okay. Also please be good news.. as far as my Dr. being certified in the little thing I want done. OH.. and I can’t wait to hopefully get my damn prescription back since my Dr. has been filling out extra paper work for it.. blah blah blah. Meow.

Dear Batman Movie I Didn’t Want To See, You weren’t bad. There. I admitted it. But, Bane scared the crap out of me! I was also thinking about the horrifying shooting the entire time. So, on a serious note I want to send my prayers out to all of those effected by such a disgusting crime.

Dear Lucas Blaze, LUHH YOUUU! wink face. (Remember.. windows live writer makes my wink faces into stupid ones?) You looked so fab last Friday at the wedding.. and you made me slow dance with you!! Sometimes I feel even more amazed by you than normal..and lately that’s how I’m feeling. I also am missing you far too much! I wish we didn’t have to work and we could just do nothing.. but, I guess were working our asses off to fulfill our future plans.. living the American dream, eh?.. Threw in some Canadian lingo for all of my Canadian readers.

Dear Canadian Readers, I’m hoping you laughed at that and didn’t think I was making fun of you. I’m tired and not very funny right now. Sorry in advance.

Dear ADD/ADHD, PLEASE CALM YOURSELF. I know normally you are forced to be under control… but, without medication you’re like a bunch of children who consumed red bull… the super big red bull.. and maybe a mountain dew.

Dear Friday Letters On Thursday, Well… that happened for most blogs.. but, not mine. Sorry. I was M.I.A from the blog world.. then I started going through my reader and was like crap!! Must. Finish. Letters. NOW!..

Dear Bitchy Girls, Why must you be such downers? If your life sucks or if you don’t like someone.. why do you need to be so damn rude? Just keep moving along.. no need to bring down everyone in your path.

Dear Rob Patsomethingoranother A.K.A Hot Dude From Twilight, Good for you for leaving that hoe bag!! I know nothing about her. I know nothing about you.. well, wait.. maybe I do. I saw that 911 movie that I really liked and you were in it.. right? Well, you’re a good looking dude. ANYWAYS. No one should ever be cheated on. No one should ever stay with someone who cheated on them. Cheating is so damn disrespectful.

Dear Cheaters, I personally think that you’re disgusting. To be honest, I’d rather have a dude punch me in the face than cheat on me. Obviously, I’d leave him either way.. and I also don’t think it’s okay to punch someone in the face… but, I think cheating is the rudest and most embarrassing thing you can put someone through. If you don’t like someone anymore, tell them! If you’re going to kiss or have sex with someone else.. you better be calling your significant other and tell them that you’re too much of a filthy human to be in a relationship. Yes, I have been cheated on. No, I have never cheated. I’m not bitter.. I’d rather be alone than be with someone who wants to even for one kiss be with someone else. I just can’t understand this form of disrespect. Sorry for that rant.

Dear Lucas Blaze, Thank you for being on the same page with me about my letter on cheaters. We’ve both dated really super shitty people.. I’m so happy we found each other.

Dear Bloggy Friends, I really dig some of you! I know as each week goes by I seem to get fewer comments.. but I don’t care. I’ve been a blog slacker.. however, some of you are always commenting and always e-mailing.. and always instagraming.. I love you guys!

Dear New Pillow, TRUCKYEAH you get you’re own letter. You’re amazing. I want to rest my head on you ALL DAY!




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  1. Aww happy birthday to your mom! I agree with you on cheaters. I don't think there is a more awful thing someone could do to another person. Well, you know, apart from being a serial killer or something. But, other than that! lol

  2. Happy BDay to your mom! Tell her I hope I look that stinkin' fabulous when I'm a mom some day!!

  3. I am with you on cheaters. And the bitchy girls. Or maybe I am one. hmm.. Anyway, enjoyed the letter and am envious of your new pillow. Maybe I'll get one this weekend and can write a letter to it next week! :)

  4.'s been so long that i did'nt read any new entry from ur blog..and im kinda miss ur FRIDAYS letters..=p
    send my regard to ur mom and say happy birthday to her..

    ~with love from Malaysia~

  5. Love your letters this week girlfriend! in fact LOVE your blog! Its been a favorite of mine since I found you! .... also, don't worry about the less comments/losing followers... etc... happens to me EVERY day and I dont even sweat it COmments and followers dont make a perfect bloggy.

    Ps. I love that I found you on instagram as well!

  6. I always love reading your letters! Pillows are the bomb...I think of mine a lot.. and I can't sleep without it! I hope your Dr appt goes well.. good luck and happy weekend!

  7. Yep, doctors are no fun. Good luck.
    And it's totally important to have an awesome pillow.

  8. Excellent letters. Too funny. You really are lucky to have such a fab mama! I'm a new follower from Adventures of Newlyweds!



  9. you and your mom are so cute!! happy birthday to her!

  10. I love your letters and your blog! I've been following you since I first started and you are one of my favs!

    New pillows are the best! I like your letter to the bitchy girl... And then I wondered if I am one. I decided that sometimes I am but what can ya do! Haha. Have a fab weekend pretty lady!

  11. I completely agree with your "cheaters" letter. Obsessed with your blog. I'm not cool enough to have instagram or I'd follow you there too :) Happy weekend girl!

  12. such cute pictures! looks like it was a blast :) Oh and I am having issues with my google account, had to follow you through twitter... who knew you could even do that?! I didn't!

  13. I was laughing multiple times here! I love your rants! Happy Friday :P

  14. I want to hear your secrets!!
    Stop on by...

  15. Sending good thoughts your way, lady! Happy birthday to your momma - you look DARLING in those photos (and I'm sure not much has changed in two years ;)).

    Keep Shining,

  16. love your hair!

    have a great weekend! come say hello at

  17. Your Mum is smokin! You know what they say if you want to see what we'll look like when we're older, just look at our Mum! Hope the Drs trip went well and your weekend x


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