Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday’s Letters!!!!

Dear Bret Michaels, Once I had a film class. It was so badass and made me wish I was an actress. I actually love being in front of the camera acting.. ANYWAYS.. This was the closest I’ve been to you.. when I was on a fake Rock Of Love.. with a fake Bret Michaels.. But, I’ll be seeing you live this Saturday!!!

Dear Poison and Def Leppard, See you on Saturday!!!.. I’m pretty damn nervous to party with a bunch of people older than my mom. But, thank you for giving me an excuse to have extra big hair and dress like I belong in the 80’s.. I’ll look better than all these old chicks that still live in the 80’s.. Just sayin’..

Dear Friday’s Letters, You always make me so happy to write! I love that this link up always gets me so much positive feedback! It always makes my Friday so much better!.. I work Friday nights and Saturday mornings.. so Friday isn’t always as awesome to me as it is to everyone else.

Dear Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds, The first time I ever linked up I mentioned that I started blogging because of how much I loved your blog. But, since my blog gets so much attention on Friday when I link up with you.. I just wanted to say thank you for always being so real and making time for small blogs like mine!! I wish more bloggers were as fabulous as you!

Dear Meeting Lucas’ work friends & wives, Meeting some of you at the annual work Christmas party was over whelming.. I mean, the Christmas party itself was overwhelming.. going to a concert with a bunch of couples I don’t know is.. freakin’ scary. Plus you’re all married and/or have children.. we don’t. And, we like to act like it. 

Dear Followers, HOLY COW! You guys loved my last post. I didn’t even realize that so many of you read my blog. I expected 2 comments.. maybe 3. I was bouncing in my seat.. like a child who forgot to take their ADHD medicine. I love you guys. Thanks for your amazing support!

Dear Followers I Lost Today, SEE YA!

Dear Lucas Blaze, I bought those concert tickets because I knew you secretly wanted to go to this concert with all of your work buddies.. I knew you thought I didn’t want to go. Being a fabulous girlfriend as always. Won’t I make the perfect wife.. I’d insert a wink face if windows live writer didn’t change it to a stupid yellow one.. So wink face wink face.

Dear Golf Dude I Waited On Today, Yeah. I didn’t really appreciate the fact that you walked in front of me for about 50 feet and farted the entire time. I saw that look of panic on your face when you saw me walking behind you. Maybe you didn’t know what to say. But, you could of said something along the lines of, “Excuse me.”

Dear Lucas’ Cottage, I’ll be seeing you again this Sunday!!! We had so much fun together last Sunday, didn’t we? Can’t believe it took two years to finally meet you.. Let’s pray that this time Lucas realizes that just because he can jump off a floating trampoline and not going underwater.. doesn’t mean I can.. since I’m a foot shorter.

Dear People Who Comment Just To Promote Their Blog, Please don’t. I’ll check out your blog if you ask me to. And, to be honest.. 99% of the time I’ll follow you. Put some more effort into your comment other than “Good Post! COME CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT INEEDATTENTION.BLOGSPOT.COM!!! I POST REALLY AWESOME STUFF SO YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT!! FOLLOW EACHOTHER?!?!?!” And then I see that same exact comment on like 18 other blogs.. At least pretend like you read something in my post. I’m sure I think it’s good.. I posted it right? I don’t need you think it’s good if that’s all you’re going to say.

Dear Ted, You were hilarious. I love how inappropriate you were! You had boyfriend and I laughing nonstop!

Dear Work, AH! This pay period I worked 6 days.. and I have 64 hours on my time slip! I’m sorry but, I can’t wait to have Saturday night and Sunday away from you! However, thanks for the money.

Dear Money, I love you.

Dear Back, I understand I did an awful thing to you in the past… but, that was 5 years ago. Can’t you just forgive me? I’ll never hurt you again. Please, I promise!

Dear Anyone Who Complains More Than Me, SHUT UP!





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  1. Hello! I really enjoy your letters. I am sure you will have so much fun at the concert this weekend! What are you wearing?? I love going to concerts! Have a good rest of your weekend too!

    1. A leopard print top for sure! I bought three so I'm not sure which one. I also bought these dark high waisted shorts with a million rhinestones on them!.. They might sound tacky, but I promise they're super cute!!!

  2. Lots of letters today! I love dressing up in costume and playing out a different character, especially if its someone naughty or cheeky so I can really play up ;)

  3. Um, your letter to me? SO sweet! loved it! I also loved the one about the bloggers who comment just to get traffic back to their blog... so annoying! as usual, loved all of these!


  4. I was supposed to say the exact same thing about people who leave generic comments.. I really don't see the sincerity in there.. oh well, I love your letters! Just like you, I am so thankful for this link-up and the woman behind it. It's really a great way to sum up your week. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Haha love your post! I saw Poison a couple years ago and you're right about the age group! But it was ridiculously fun anyway! Visiting from the linkup :-)

  6. Aloha fellow Amanda ;) Just found your blog via the link-up and pretty much pissed my pants the whole way through! Ha! I can't STAND when people simply comment on your blog with some generic crud that relates in no way to your post only to get their blog out there. Super rude and inconsiderate. I wonder if they realize they look like turds?

    Anywho, rant aside, I hope you have SO much fun at your concert. I remember listening to those bands in my teens and rockin' out to Pour Some Sugar on me like I was an MTV hottie. (totally wasn't) Haha! Hope your back feels better, hun. Oh, and let's just hope that Golfer boy, Farter McGee gets a wiff of his own medicine someday real soon. People who fart in the face of others are just dirty buggers. Hopefully karma will pull through

  7. LOVE 80's concerts!!! My friends and I went a few years ago to see John (Cougar) Mellencamp... it was AMAZING.. even if we were the only ones under 50. haha. Have a WONDERFUL time! xo

  8. That picture is HILARIOUS! Have fun bringing back the 80's :)

  9. I've never seen Poison but I did see Brett Michaels three years ago! It was really fun. You guys will have a great time! Anddddd don't you love when you're the awesome girlfriend and do things they don't expect! Lol. Have a great weekend :)

  10. Haha, your letters are always the best! I love the guy that farted infront of you..thats just so wrong! Poor you!

  11. Ahhhh I am kind of jealous that you're going to see Poison and Def Leppard! Have fun!

  12. Good for you for even checking out the blogs that ask you to! That drives me NUTS for some reason, so I won't even look at them (snobby?? probably.) However, if someone leaves a comment, I always try to check out their blog so I can see who it is that reading. Oh, and we're going to see Ted tonight - looking forward to it! Have a great weekend!

  13. well I loved this post for a few reasons.

    1. I used to watch Rock of Love obsessively! I think I am fascinated by train-wreck groupie types.

    2. That picture

    3. I also love Ashley S.

    4. I love money A LOT... like yea.... : )

    5. I think I need to go see Ted

    Oh and Hi! My name is Carissa. Your blog is super cute


  14. stopping by from friday letters! you dyed your hair dark! i LOVE it! gives you a totally different look! i saw TED this past week too i LOVED it. So funny! happy friday love! xo Kelly

  15. Hahahahah! I LOVE that you wrote SEE YA to the followers you lost.... That happens to me every single day! Bahahaha.

  16. I need to see Ted! You're like the tenth person who said it was funny. Also, have so much fun at Bret Micheals!!

    And lastly- today I lost my first follower and didn't even know you could unfollow people. See ya, is right. haha

    Have a good weekend!

  17. Just found your blog via the Friday's letters link up and I am so glad I did. You are SO funny. My husband and I saw Ted last weekend and thought it was hilarious. I totally thought I was going to hate it but I went because I LOVE me some Mark Wahlberg. Anyways, I am now your newest follower! April

  18. Ughh I hate loosing followers! I can't wait to see Ted, I keep seeing so many lovely post's talking about how funny it is!


    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! lol. can you say annoying..

  20. i found you through the link-up and i think your letters may be the best ones i have read so far. i'm glad you liked ted, i really want to go see it. and i like your mini-rant on people who post comments just to get people, it made me laugh so thank you.

  21. Friday letters are such a good idea..I'll have to try it. Def. following!



  22. Love you letters, Ted was EPICLY AWESOME! half way thru I was like yeah i already want to see this again, the friend I went with was her 2nd time watching it lol luvs it

    Check out my letters :)


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