Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday’s Letters… yup.


Dear Lucas Blaze, This first letter is all yours. You’re amazing. You always know how to make me feel so much better.. For example.. this text message you sent me last night after I texted you about how stressed out I was and blah blah blah. I love you. You’ll always be my best friend.

Dear Diet, You need to start paying off. I have all of my co-workers poking jokes at me wanting to diet. There is nothing wrong with trying to get healthy.

Dear Body, What am I doing to you? I’m sorry. I love money. You love sleep. Hang in there. It’ll be okay.

Dear Saturday, I don’t know why it is that I’m nervous about going to this wedding.. I know a lot of Lucas’ family.. so I shouldn’t be even worried… good thing I bought a super cute dress and these sassy Guess pumps!

Dear Followers, I’m sorry I’m so sucky lately. I wish I had more time to entertain you..  Next week I work many morning shifts so I’ll have time at night to update!! Hang in there with me, please?! Love you!

Dear People That Think I’m Funny, Thanks… but.. I think what I’m best at is being honest. Sometimes, I say not so nice things and people laugh and think I’m being really funny.

Dear Fact That I Linked Up Last Week Before My Post Posted, Perks of having a computer that decides to change the date and time… randomly. My post should of posted at 12am.. but, it didn’t and now I look like a total bitch or something. Oh well. Life happens. I’ll continue doing Friday’s Letters even if last week I broke the link up rules. Gahhh, sucky me.

Dear Instagram, Normally I can count on you to make me seem a little interesting.. but what the crap.. you suck lately too!!!! Stop making me look so boring!

Dear iPhone, I am so sorry I dropped you the other night and chipped you a little.. I know no one can see it… but, I can. I dropped your on Broadway in Nashville like 50 times.. I shattered your awesome case and you didn’t break.. why much you chip now?! Yes, I’m upset. Wah.

Dear Life, You are not being very kind to me. I mean.. what have I ever done to you?… I try to stay positive and you just want to knock me down. Not cool.

Dear Myfitnesspal, You are awesome. I love all my friends on there. I thought blogger was better than tumblr.. well myfitnesspal beats them all. Nice, motivating people.. I love it!!!!

Dear Hair, Did you enjoy that awful hair day you put me through today?!? That was real awesome. Not. Tomorrow I’m expecting a lot out of you. Deliver.

Dear Eyes, Get over your allergy to my contacts. I’m sick of my glasses.

Dear Friday’s Letters, Yeah.. You suck this week. Sorry readers. I guess I’m tired and distracted. I’m sorry…


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  1. you are such a rebel breaking the link up rules :) haha have so much fun at the wedding!


  2. I think we think you're funny because we know you are being "not so nice" and we admire that you can just say how you feel! I love it. If that makes any sense. Basically, we admire the fact that you can be very blunt.


  3. What a fab post! Love your creative and unique blog, doll!

  4. Your man is a sweetie and its true as time goes on youll see your good traits more and more and youll see you can make it through the shit that life throws at you! Have a great time at the wedding x

  5. Found your blog through Ashleys link up, newest follower :) hope next week is better for you :)
    Nic x

  6. My allergies have been bugging me non-stop too and I've been forced to wear my glasses, I feel your pain! Hopefully they go away soon!

  7. The top one is really cute <3

    Lea x

  8. Came across your blog through Fridays Lettrs Link up and I must admit I am obsessed!!! <3

  9. love those heels!!

    come say hi at

    have a great Friday!

  10. Your shoes are FIERCE! Love love love. xoxo

  11. what cute shoes!! and I joke with my sister about instragram b/c I feel like my life is pretty boring but you take some pics of your food, shoes, etc and when you do those little filter effects somehow it looks cute and interesting!

  12. The dear life part I agree with you! Its been not so kind to me either lately & its hard to stay positive. I love those pumps & you will do great @ the wedding besides your lovable Lucas family will love you :)

  13. My phone did the same thing! I had an Otterbox for it and it shattered but the phone was saved...then a few weeks later I dropped it and it shattered the corner. UGH. Those Otterbox' were suppose to be indestructible!


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