Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Fourth Of July Story..


I wanted to share a little story with any of you who care to read. Because if it wasn’t for this day two years ago.. I wouldn’t be with the lovely man I call my own. Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is going to be some cute mushy story about how perfect we are. Sorry.. but, that is not the case. I suck. Haha.

Two years ago in May.. dude I was dating for over a year decided not to take me to my prom.. about an hour before everyone was meeting at my house for pictures. We broke up.. I’m sure you’ve all heard that annoying story which ended with me getting a restraining order in late July.. ANYWAYS… I decided that after a year of not getting to really enjoy life.. I was going to really enjoy being free and single. I was ready to have some fun. So I did just that.

I started hanging out with an ex..  I referred to him as “college boy” and he lived up to that name very well. I didn’t want a relationship.. I was even seeing other people. Well, he wasn’t on the same page as me.. which was annoying. I wanted Lucas. I just assumed that we were going to just stay friends and la la la. So, I would call Lucas every single night. I’d tell him all about the dudes I was hanging out with.. especially college boy.

It’s the end of June 2010.. and after crying to Lucas about how annoying the situation I was in was.. He told me that he couldn’t be there for me anymore if I was going to allow some guy to treat me the way I was being treated. He told me that if I went to the fireworks on July 4th with college boy.. then he wasn’t going to waste his time even being friends with me..

I figured that maybe he didn’t mean it.. I already had plans to go to the fireworks with CB.. Was I really going to break them? It wasn’t like I was looking for anything more than a fun night. Regardless of what CB was looking for.

July 4, 2010..
Lucas won’t even talk to me. I’m secretly crushed over it. So, I say screw it and go on with my plans.
I was in the parade like always.. after, CB picked me up and we headed to the beach with all of his friends..


CB drives me home so I can shower and get ready for the fireworks.. After a little bit too much.. maybe a WHOLE LOT TOO MUCH.. fun at the beach… I decided to chat it up with my parents who tell me I need to go take a nap. I decide I’m fine. I tell them that I got too much sun and I was tired. Obviously being human, they know I’m full of shit that this point. I go upstairs to shower.. somehow found my bed.. and woke up around 1am with about 20 missed calls and a lot of not so friendly text messages.

College Boy was officially done.

I shared my great news with Lucas..
Who decided to finally start talking to me again after a few nights of not talking..
and I even presented him with two tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls concert..

After a few dates with other losers..

Finally The Goo Goo Dolls concert arrived.. July 18, 2010..

And, he’s stuck with me ever since.

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  1. AW. This story just made my day. It doesn't matter what obstacles you have to get through, all that matters is where you end up in the end:)


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