Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill….


I don’t dig this game usually..
but, since I’m picking my three men.. It might be okay.

Since everyone swears I look like Audrina…


And since I absolutely love her. I decided to honor the show that made her known.

The Hills.




Justin Bobby.
Yup. Don’t care. He was a tool.
But, has something super sexy about him.
Moving along…


Brody Jenner.
Only if I never had to see any of his Kardashian relatives.
He’s gorgeous.


For the sake of this game.. I’d pick Jason for this part.
Kill is so drastic, you know?
But, he was a hot mess the last time I checked.
Yeah, maybe he’s hot.. but celebrity rehab? Real cool.





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  1. I don't watch The Hills. I'm gonna say eff Jason, marry Brody (rahr), kill Justin. Justin looks a little douchy to me.

  2. yes! I think I'd make Justin Bobby take a shower first haha, but I adore Brody and Jason got arrested in my college town when he came to visit a club - such a mess.

  3. I conpletely agree eith your choices! Justin Bobby, the man so cool he had two first names. Lmao. I miss the hills.

  4. Oh gosh, this one is so difficult! I say eff and marry Brody (I agree, if you don't have to see his step sisters!) and then kill Justin Bobby and Jason... ick!

  5. Awesome list!! I think I'd eff Jason (he always reminded me of an ex boyfriend), marry Brody for sure, and kill creepy Justin. Haha!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  6. I must admit, I've never really seen the likeness before, but seeing you up there with her, you really do!

    Lea x

  7. You do look like Audrina!!!

    I agree with you 100%!
    Eff: Justin
    Marry: Brody
    Kill: Jason

  8. I watched every season of The Hills on Netflix and have been obsessed with Brody Jenner ever since! I even told my mother that I'd name my first son after him hahah!

  9. You actually do look like her....sorry to tell you....that's not bad...shes a pretty girl :)


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