Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My night in Chicago.

Yeah. I guess I shall post something on this ‘blog’ of mine.

I went to Chicago on Friday for the first time!!.. I hated it.

Okay, okay.. maybe it was as bad as I make it sound to everyone. I had fun. I enjoyed the time I had with my man. The Keane concert was amazing. Our hotel made me feel like I was someone important.. like celebrity important. AH. Okay.. Want a recap? Well, I’m giving you one. THEN I will show you a million photos. Should I have photos as I’m telling you all about the trip? Yes.. but, I’m not a good blogger so I'll save them for the end..

I woke up too damn early. I went shopping. I realized how much I missed going to the mall and wasting a few hundred dollars.. so, I did just that. Thursday was almost a week ago.. so I’m having an issue remembering what I did.. ah. Lucas got his hair cut by my mommy. Then it was time to pack. I started being a total brat since I didn’t eat. When I don’t eat, I’m like the most annoying typical girl, ever. This was around 9pm.. Lucas forced me to go out to eat with him to my favorite restaurant. I was then a very happy girl. I finished packing, Lucas fell asleep.. I watched some crazy show called.. something along the lines of.. “7 days of sex” or something.. I decided that I don’t want to get married or have children.. ha, just kidding Luke.. anyways, moving on. I fell asleep on the couch with my alarm set for 7am.

I wake up before my 7am alarm. I watch boy meets world. I drink more coffee than the average person should consume. I shower. I actually finish packing. I start getting ready.. Lucas wakes up. Doesn’t understand why I’m not ready at 10.. I don’t either. Blah blah blah, I get ready go to the store… THEN!!!!… Lucas informs me of the gang issues going on in Chicago. I decide I don’t want to go.. but, it’s already too late…
Once we were in Chicago.. we checked into our hotel, got food, got other stuff.. and then hung out in the hotel room.. then tried to figure out the stupid ass train thing. Lucas and I were raised way too sheltered to deal with that crap. We finally get to the right stop. We go to the venue to watch the concert.. there’s a huge line. I have to pee. I throw an embarrassing fit. I go walking around a random neighborhood in Chicago.. I remember about the gangs.. I walk back to Lucas and finally get into the place. I pee. I get a drink. and then we watched the show.. super close!! Gosh, Keane is AMAZING!.. ugh! Better than amazing. On the way back.. the train tracks had a fire.. we waited forever.. finally got back.. only to realize we weren’t near our hotel.. we walked super fast back to our hotel.. went to 711.. got some goodies.. watched two little girls steal.. then we went to our hotel only to realize they offered nothing good to eat from room service after 1am… so we got delivery… and I made Lucas drink some IPAs and take shots of Cake vodka.. and I was the one who fell asleep.
Can I post a million photos? OK!

We stopped at a random exit and saw this… And, watched the lady get pulled out.

What? You don’t stand on hotel beds to take a mirror shot?

The little jack bottle was $10.. red bull was $9 Ciroc pint was $40. Rockstar problems.


Two blocks from our hotel.. gang shooting.. in a nice part of Chicago.

Getting my Dr.Oz on as usual! With a red solo cup..

No zoom. Doesn’t it look like he’s singing to me? I really thought he was during the concert.. then I looked through the photos and was like all little girl about it.
Applauding us because we were such a loud crowd. I fell in love with the drummer..
mmm I love me some drummers.. good thing I have my own!! Haha.
Oh, you know… just taking a photo of him taking a photo..
Wish he’d update his photo blog!!!!!

We got a lot of food delivered at 2am.. I fell asleep sometime after eating like 4 bites..


Okay.. Now, here’s the thing. If you want to see the rest of my photos from Chicago.. you’re going to have to come back tomorrow (Thursday) … I know, I know.. my lack of blogging skills shine through once again! But, this lady has a job she must get ready for.. and many photos that still need to be edited!! PLUS, I’ll fill you in on our Saturday afternoon in Chicago!!! Okay! See you tomorrow!!!!!

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