Friday, June 8, 2012

My happiness is first.


I’m kind of in a bad mood considering I didn’t do too well in two of my classes. One, I now do not need and the other I think I’ll be taking over in order to get the 3.0 or whatever it is I need.. which is so stupid because my school is 10 week classes opposed to the typical 15 weeks at other colleges. Since my degree will be something medically related the grading scale is different… so like a 92% is actually a B.. and that would be a 3 something, I don’t know the exact number. Regardless, it’s a bunch of baby poop.

I hate school. Absolutely hate it. Every second of it. So, I’m dropping out.

Kidding. Not about hating school, because that part is so very true. However, I did change my major. Sadly, it’s still medically related which blows because of the grading scale. I guess I shouldn’t say sadly because I want to do something medically related. I’m already certified in Phlebotomy and I have a passion for what I want to do with my career. However, as long as I get into this program next summer.. which my chances will hopefully still be good.. then I can be done with school by the time I’m like 23. Which means I’ll be moving to Nashville, living the married life, working with kids all day long and life will be fabulous.

I could not allow myself to stay in the program I was originally in. They accept 30 (usually not even that many) every year, once a year.. and 300 apply. You have to have a 4.0 and score a perfect score on your entrance exam and even then.. you’re just up against everyone else who have the same exact score. Yeah, no thanks.

I was nervous about making this decision. I’ve actually been really stressed out about it. But, when I made it official, I felt so relieved. It might sound like I’m taking a short cut.. maybe I am.. but I just need to do what makes me happy. When I have a career and I’m married and in Nashville and I decide that I want to do more with my career, I can always go back to school. I’ll still be young. And, if anyone wants to judge me for this.. I don’t care. Judge me. I’d be making the same amount.

Now that I got that out. I feel much better. If any of you read this.. you’re awesome.

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